1. D

    For Sale Polyhouse on Rent

    I am looking for a 1 Acre polyhouse on rent near Mumbai. Areas like Shahpur, Igatpuri, Panvel, Karjat, Pali, Talegaon, Pune preferred. Please contact me if anyone is willing to give the polyhouse on a long lease
  2. 2compost

    vermi compost, cocopeat, neem cake, organic manure

    contact for bulk qty of vermicompost, organic manure, neem cake, cocopeat at best price in the market. mail us:
  3. J

    Horticulture & Floriculture Agri Inputs for sale

    STERLING FARM RESEARCH & SERVICES PVT LTD, (SFRS) was established in 1987, by a group of professionals from life science with a commitment to develop agriculture by way of manufacturing and marketing blended fertilizers, plant macro, micro nutrients, high analysis organic manure, fertilizer...
  4. 2compost

    vermi compost cocopeat & bio-compost bangalore 9980400241

    We are large scale manufacturer and supplier of vermicompost, eathworms, vermi bed, bio-compost, eathworms, neem cake, neem powder, cocopeat based in Bangalore. visit us Vermi Compost,Vermi Compost Beds,Vermi Compost Supplier,Trader
  5. P

    Grow Bags Sales

    UV Treated bags (Ultraviolet treatment) with 3 years guarantee are certification for UV stability and exposure periods in out door conditions, Hydro phonic cultivation or industrial growing conditions.
  6. A

    Need Consultant

    We need a reliable and experienced consultant whom using cocopeat growbags to support growers who he is from Maharastra. Please contact us asap. Thanks Kind Regards, Allwin
  7. educationteam

    Allwin Dave - Cocopeat is a perfect growing medium for plants - Tuesday Aug 13, 2013

    You are invited to attend a webinar (live discussion) on Cocopeat is a perfect growing medium for plants with V.Allwin Dave of Allwin Coir Products, Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu. To know more about Allwin Dave follow the link below Allwin Coir Products India, Coco Peat, Grow Bags In this live...
  8. A

    Cocopeat and Coir products supplier

    Dear Sir, We 'Allwin Coir Products' is a largest manufacturing and exporting company in Tamilnadu, India and supplying premium quality Coir pith / Coco fibre related products around the globe and local indian market. We are having more than 10 years of export experience. Our manufacturing...
  9. V

    Cocopeat Required

    i require cocopeat in brick form for dutch rose plantation near satara, maharashtra. quantity will be around 200 mt. please send your offer please provide detailed technical specification along with your offer. thanks.
  10. R

    organic cocopeat bricks

    We are looking for manufactureres/wholesalers who can deliver organic cocopeat bricks(5KG) to Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, ASAP Please send me PM with pricing including freight and lead time Thanks
  11. R


    hello... I am from Vadodara, Gujarat. required 45,000 kg cocopeat for hygroponicsfarming. what is the price of cocopeat. what is transportation cost?
  12. C

    Pls Identify the Mushroom/Fungus in the Picture, includes information-

    Please identify the mushroom/fungus thats growing in the pot with watermelon plant. The medium used is cocopeat from south India. The fertilizer used is organic seaweed imported from Southafrica. I want ot know whether its an infestation or beneficial for my plant growth? THE PIC...
  13. B

    coco peat educators

    we are the manufactures of coco peat but we are not here just to sell coco peat but we want to educate how the coco peat is manufacture and how the quality is maintained and how value can be added.we want to empower growers all informations about coco peat.we also wanted to share with growers...
  14. H


    Hi everybody It's nice to meet all of you, and in fact, it's so heartening to see that there are a lot of us (gardeners or wannabe gardeners like me) here together. I am looking forward to learning from all of your experience and also contribute whatever little i know. :) right now, i...
  15. B

    Cocopeat sellers in Bangalore

    I am looking for compressed cocopeat blocks of 1kg/5kg. Need information on sellers in Bangalore. There are many shops in Gandhinagar/Majestic area of Bangalore where they sell loose cocopeat in 25Kg bags but I am looking for only compressed blocks. Cheers, bazee
  16. T

    Cocopeat /coir pith

    cocopeat -coir pith • 100% biodegradable, organic and a renewable resource. • Eco-friendly, Organic, Soil Substitute & Soil conditioner. • An excellent substitute to Peat-Moss which is widely used in gardens, especially in growing orchids and anthuriums. • An Organic soil-less growing media...
  17. A


    We supply cocopeat which is a 100% organic growing media from Sri Lanka. The product is pH stable with 5.5-6.5 and has optimum water holding capasity. Cocopeat is also wide used for hydroponics industry worldwide.