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    Advertising Android mobile app market place for Coconuts, Coir and allied products

    Hi, We have developed an android based market place platform exclusively cater to the Coconut, Coir and allied products. You can post your requirements or interest to buy/sell free of cost and get prospective leads. The app is available for users for free. Just try our app. Hey! Try out...
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    Looking for Manufacturers/Bulk Suppliers /Wholesaler for any Agro products

    Dear Members, We are Exporter from Bangalore.we like to add new products to our list.we need manufacturers,bulk suppliers or Wholesale dealers. List of Products Areca plates vermin compost bio fertilizers coconut and its by products Peanuts Bold, Java - roasted,raw,blanched Millet...
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    Neem Coir

    Neem Coir - 100% Natural Eco Friendly Organic Multi Purpose Growing medium/Potting medium made from renewable Coir and Harnessed with the Neem power to exhibit Pest repellent and Nematicides property. GreeNeem Coir is a Careful Blend of a very Special Grade of CoCo Coir and GreeNeem Cakes...
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    Coconuts available for sale

    we have begun harvesting coconuts.. we can supply 30000-40000 coconuts.. size: 350-650 gms(mixed size) prize:11/piece.. transport charges not included. contact as soon as possible if you are interested.. contact: 9994760438 email:
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    Coco peat sale

    Coir peat is coir pith is the by product which arises during the extraction of coir fibre from the coconut husk. It is used as a growing medium and/or as a soil conditioner (potting soil mixture) in horticulture, floriculture, landscaping and domestic gardens. Coir Peat is ideal as a growing...
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    Need Consultant

    We need a reliable and experienced consultant whom using cocopeat growbags to support growers who he is from Maharastra. Please contact us asap. Thanks Kind Regards, Allwin
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    Cocopeat and Coir products supplier

    Dear Sir, We 'Allwin Coir Products' is a largest manufacturing and exporting company in Tamilnadu, India and supplying premium quality Coir pith / Coco fibre related products around the globe and local indian market. We are having more than 10 years of export experience. Our manufacturing...
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    Wanted buyers for Coconut coir fibre

    Wanted genueine buyers for Coconut coir fibre. We have our own production units and we can supply in bales also. Impurity 3% Max Moisture 15% Max Fiber Length 10cm - 30cm
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    Coconut Coir Fibre,Ropes,Coconut

    We deal with Coconut Coir Fibre,Ropes,pith blocks and Coconut We are a group of Engineering professionals. We are interested in establishing long term business relationship with Local / Overseas companies for our products. We can guarantee for the quality, competitive prices and regular supply...
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    Coir For Sale

    Hi, We are coir wholesale suppliers from coimbatore. If interested to buy Coir, please contact us.
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    know coir pots

    Ready made coir pot are made of natural coconut fibre and Rubber latex (Rubberised coir) .They are used by Horticultural farms gardens green houses and nurseries . They can kept (with or without a frame or stand) with natural flowering plants to give indoors an elegant look available in variety...
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    eco friendly coir pots for sale

    sir, different types of coir pots are available. coir pots, coir hanging baskets, coir grow poles etc. are available with reasonable rates. for more details visit