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Good Morning. Greetings from Singapore ;)))

Seeking an Agriculture Adviser-Consultant for a 12 months period to provide guidance on the scientific experimental methodologies/ approaches including instrumentations and research articles to upgrade onto leading research knowledge, on the Growing Cycle per SINGLE PLANT Crops from Seed to Harvesting of Food Crops
Your extensive experiences should be covering:
• Cereal Crop eg Rice, Maize, Wheat etc.
• Vegetable Crop eg Tomatoes, Cucumber, Caliuflower etc,
• Tuber Crops eg Sweet Potatoes, Western Potatoes, Yam etc

Your extensive research experiences MUST be able to provide practical wisdom on the research get reliable scientific data and point the directions to research published data for

1- Water Uptake /Transpiration Rate per plant

2- NKP Uptake Types-Quantity of nutrients NKP uptake

at different time of the growth cycle for the above mentioned crops

( Do understand that the consumption rate is a function of numerous parameters on both the environment & plants etc ).

Our plan is to undertake scientific studies for those without published data on growing of Cereal-Vegetable-Tuber-Fruit Crops and to measures the TAKEUP RATE at least once weekly for long run crops while for short run like vegetables to be every 2 days.

Currently has
 HORIBA JAPAN B-722 Sodium Meter
 HORIBA JAPAN B-731 Potassium Meter
 HORIBA JAPAN B-743 Nitrate Meter
 Weighing Scales 0.01 gm sensitivity
 Water Quality meter
 Electronic Microscope
 Wind Meter

Plse quote us your consulting fees for professional advice over 1 year period via email, skype/telephone or suggest areas for research articles on

If we need to talk to move forward, we can set up a convenient time to communicate via phone

Our background is Engineering Science System Design + Environment Sustainability Management to Reduce Global Warming
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