vegetable crops

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    vegetable farming in 5acres

    hello, i want to start vegetable farming in my 5 acres land. I want to do business like selling vegetables daily to costomers directly from farm to home. So how i plan to sow all types of vegetables to get daily harvest of 50 kgs. My main crops tomato,brinjal ladies finger, leafy veggies, etc...
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    4th generation Nano technology plant micro nutrients for your farm

    While costing almost negligible money, our plant micro nutrients give you 50 - 80% additional crop output in any crop cycle. no need for pesticides or other fertilizers other than this. tested and proven all over the world, now in india. good for all types of farms, orchards. for more details...
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    Agriculture Advisor Consultant

    Hi Good Morning. Greetings from Singapore ;))) Seeking an Agriculture Adviser-Consultant for a 12 months period to provide guidance on the scientific experimental methodologies/ approaches including instrumentations and research articles to upgrade onto leading research knowledge, on...