Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

fruit crops

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    Orchids and vanilla plantation consulting

    We offer horticulture and pot plant production know-how for orchids farming, vanilla cultivation and fruit plant production systems under inter crop or green house cultivation in the western ghats sector. we provide turn key set up assistance, setting up proper systems for maintenance and...
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    Wanted to buy pineapple slips and suckers.

    Please reply if you have information regarding where to purchase pineapple slips and suckers. I am a college student and I am looking for a large quantity of them for research and experiments. Spoiled pineapples with tops attached will also work for me.
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    Agriculture Advisor Consultant

    Hi Good Morning. Greetings from Singapore ;))) Seeking an Agriculture Adviser-Consultant for a 12 months period to provide guidance on the scientific experimental methodologies/ approaches including instrumentations and research articles to upgrade onto leading research knowledge, on...