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7.5Hp Solar Water Pumping for a goat farm @ Mandya


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Dear All,

Here is the link to a short video of our another recent solar water pumping system installation for a goat farm at Mandya;


The customer is very knowledgeable on goat farming. Apart from his goat farm business, he also offers consultancy services as well. You can always PM me for his contact details.

Project Capacity: 7.5Hp Borewell Pump, 3hp borewell pump

Type of pump: 7.5Hp 3phase V6 & 3hp 3 phase V4 Borewell Submersible Pump
Type of Application: Flood irrigation
Location: Niluvagilu, near Mandya
Pump depth: 7.5Hp erected at 200ft & 3hp erected at 350ft
Distance Between pumps: 1800ft
Type of Panels: 8140Watts Polycrystalline Application Class A Panels
Pump Controller: 3phase VFD with MPPT & Harmonic Filter
Mounting: Fixed

The solution can run the pumps on solar or 3 phase grid or WITH EVEN 2 PHASE GRID. Also the system is designed to operate 3 phase 3hp chaff cutter & 3hp pulverizer.

Also, the farm is going to be supplied with a 1.5kw solar plant to run 10 lights 12hrs a day, one DVR and CCTV security cameras 24/7, one TV for 1 hr, one refrigerator for 24hrs and also 6 LED high power street lights for 12hrs auto dawn-dusk operation.

Hope you enjoy seeing the video.


Saravana Kumar
Greencurrent Solar Energy Systems

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)