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solar pump controller

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    7.5Hp Solar Water Pumping for a goat farm @ Mandya

    Dear All, Here is the link to a short video of our another recent solar water pumping system installation for a goat farm at Mandya; The customer is very knowledgeable on goat farming. Apart from his goat farm business, he also offers...
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    5Hp & 4Hp Solar Borewell Water Pumping @ Hosur

    Dear All, Here is the link to the video of our another recent solar water pumping system installation; Project Capacity: 5Hp & 4Hp Type of pump: 5Hp 3phase V6 Borewell Submersible Pump & 4Hp 3phase Borewell Submersible Pump Total Area in...
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    2 no's of 5 hp solar water pumping solution - Video & Details

    Dear All, We have successfully undertaken and completed 2 no's of 5hp submersible water pumping solution for one of our clients based @ Chennai. Details: 1) 5hp pump installed at 210 feet, distance between pump and solar system 400 meters 2) 5hp pump installed at 210 feet, distance...
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    Solar water Pump - Video of our recent installation

    Dear All, We just completed a 2hp solar water pump solution for one of our clients. Details: Customer already had a 2Hp three phase submersible pump running on Grid Power. We have added 2000 watts of solar panels & our 2Hp controller to the pump converting it into a solar pump...
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    | Solar Pump Converter - Retrofit solar with your existing pump! |

    Dear All, Just wanted to share a piece of information regarding our pump converter Current Scenario: Solar Panels are connected to the pump through solar pump controller Disadvantages - The pump runs at full rpm only when the solar power available is max which on an avg which is between 10AM...
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    Cost Of Our Solar Water Pumping Solution

    Dear All, Please find below our comprehensive offer for solar water pumping solution: Description: This setup is for running 3phase 415vac submersible/monoblock/openwell pumpset on solar using ONLY Indian Manufactured BoM. Function: The rate of flow of water will vary with the amount of...