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solar water pump

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    10Kw Solar Water Pumping System for Drip Irrigation @ Kittur, Dharwad

    Dear All, Please visit the below link to see the video of our recently completed 10Kw Solar Water Pumping System for Drip Irrigation @ Kittur, Dharwad. More projects @ Hope you enjoy watching the videos...
  2. K

    Infomation needed on Solar Water pump

    Hi All, Kindly provide me the details of Solar water pump which I am planning to install at my farm. Also let me know the subsidy proceedure Regards
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    Advertising Offer: Retrofit Solar Water Pumping System - 5Hp @ Rs.3.1 Lakhs & 10Hp @ Rs.5.6 Lakhs

    Dear All, We are pleased to launch our limited time special offer for retrofit solar water pumping systems of capacity 5hp & 10Hp. With respect to the volume orders we have for the month of January and thanks to our suppliers for co-operating with us, we are offering the systems at below...
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    7.5Hp Solar Water Pumping for a goat farm @ Mandya

    Dear All, Here is the link to a short video of our another recent solar water pumping system installation for a goat farm at Mandya; The customer is very knowledgeable on goat farming. Apart from his goat farm business, he also offers...
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    Another video of our recent solar water pumping solution @ Madanapalle

    Dear All, Here is the link to the video of our another recent solar water pumping system installation; Project Capacity: 6Hp & 5Hp Type of pump: 6Hp 3phase V6 Borewell Submersible Pump & 5Hp 3phase Openwell Submersible Pump Total Area in acres: 10...
  6. argosolar

    Solar water pumping systems 2hp,3hp,5hp,7.5hp and 10hp

    Dear all, we are ARGO SOLAR PRIVATE LIMITED based at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh we are supplying solar agriculture pumping systems of 2Hp, 3Hp, 5Hp, 7.5 Hp and 10 Hp with best prices please contact us Regards Argo Solar Private Limited Bala Krishna Thoopili Mob: +91-8099936299...
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    Innovative & Cost Effective Solar Energy as well as LED products & Solutions

    Hi, We are manufacturer of Innovative & Cost Effective Solar Energy as well as LED products. With strong in-house R & D team, we design our products to the best of efficiency and durability. We have also got few patent for our in-hose developed products. Being a manufacturer, we also customize...
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    2 no's of 5 hp solar water pumping solution - Video & Details

    Dear All, We have successfully undertaken and completed 2 no's of 5hp submersible water pumping solution for one of our clients based @ Chennai. Details: 1) 5hp pump installed at 210 feet, distance between pump and solar system 400 meters 2) 5hp pump installed at 210 feet, distance...
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    Solar water Pump - Video of our recent installation

    Dear All, We just completed a 2hp solar water pump solution for one of our clients. Details: Customer already had a 2Hp three phase submersible pump running on Grid Power. We have added 2000 watts of solar panels & our 2Hp controller to the pump converting it into a solar pump...
  10. K

    Is Solar Water Pump for AC pump financially viable?

    Solar Powered Pumps for Agriculture and Green Buildings by KB Electronics, Mumbai, India. To make Solar Power a viable proposition in India, we have to overcome the barriers of high PV panel and battery costs. Though we have seen considerable drop in PV prices which will slide further in the...
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    Solar Water Pump

    We manufacture and install Solar pump Systems where you can use your existing AC pump along with solar. For more information please see video at link below Thank you. Siddharth
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    Solar Water Pump For Sale

    I am pleased to introduce a solar water pump which you can use to add fun and joy to your yard or garden. This solar pump is based on updated brushless solar pump technology. It does not need additional power supply and runs at solar power. Specification: Color: Black Voltage: 7V...
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    Solar Water Pump for irrigation

    kapil kataria We supply solar submersible pump with the tanks used in dry area,will include solar pump, solar panels, solar pump controller, storage batteries,level sensors, inverter as requested,flow rate is from 0.20-12m3/h and head can up to 180m. we are now the first factory that could...
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    Solar Water Pump

    I heard that solar water pumps works best only for pumping water from a water source like pond or a ground level tank. is it not worth investing for pumping groundwater? I need to know who sells these units. with regards, Sudhahar R