neem pesticide

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    Dry Stevia Leaves available for sale

    Soil water analysis device Soil and water analysis is first step for scientific and high technology intensive agriculture. The nutrient management and land improvement is done on the basis of analysis report. The govt laboratories take a lot of time to give the report. The farmers use the input...
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    Spices are availabel

    Good quality of spices are available for bulk order Coriender, Cumin, fennal, fennugrik, Kalonji, Yellow mustard, chilly. Please send me private message with complete query with full contact details our representative will contact you very soon.
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    Stevia cultivation

    Neem Pesticide There has been an evident shift all over the world from synthetic pesticides to non-synthetic ones; this is largely because of the wide spread awareness of the side effects of these synthetic pesticides on not only plants and soil but also other living organisms. This is a great...

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