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mushroom consultancy

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    commercial mushroom growing business near Kolkata

    friends, want to start commercial mushroom growing business near Kolkata. have space 500-800 sq. ft. presently and some good veg market and restaurants nearby. training or technical know how and marketing knowledge & information needed. welcome to any proposal or suggestion. in a nutshell i...
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    Mushroom consultancy and training in madhya pradesh

    Hi All, I am willing to start a mushroom cultivation farm.I am willing to attend the training and consultancy required for that.I will be setting up my farm in mauganj near rewa,madhya pradesh.So any type of assistance and guidance is welcome.You may reach out to me at +918147070037 ormail me...
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    Mushroom Cultivation in 2400 sq ft?

    Hello, I have a land in Tiruvallur, near Chennai , Tamil Nadu for 2400 Sq ft [ 60 X 40 ] . I want to do Mushroom cultivation here. I plan to have storage room for straw, spawm room , cultivation room everything here. I am thinking about making the shet in the terrace. Is my plan possible to do...
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    Mushroom spawn

    Hi, We produce Mushroom Spawn of High quality at our sophisticated R & D Lab in Bangalore. 1. Oyster Mushroom spawn- All Varieties 2. Milky White Mushroom spawn 3. Button Mushroom spawn Order should be placed at least 15 days in advance. Minimum order Quantity - 30 Kg...
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    suggestion required for mushroom export based production

    hi, I am having a mushroom production unit serving local market in and around kolkata. now I am planning to start producing for export market. what variety I should start. if any party(exporter) interested in buying can write to me . year long agreement is also possible by fixing rates and...
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    Production Of Chinese mushroom Species To be Used As Special Diets.

    1- (The production of oyster mushrooms might help in consuming the agrowastes preventing its polluting effect and converting it to human food as well as animal feed ,also it could save the hard currency for importing mushrooms...
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    Available farmer for mushroom cultivation

    I am graduate of Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee who wants to cultivate Mushrooms in your farm & create a mushroom enterprise. I setup production infrastructure, train people, explore markets, package and market mushrooms - in essence manage the entire show for a fee and a percentage of...
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    Start ur own mushroom farm

    Hi friends, If anyone wants to start his own mushroom farm of oysters and milky, then they can contact me, complete turn key consultancy is available. Vishal.
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    Consultancy for Mushroom Plant

    Looking for qualified consultants who specialize in setting up Mushroom Plants Contact
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    Mushroom marketing in India and Abroad

    Hi I am looking at growing mushrooms..... to start with 1000 kg per day either in Punjab or Himachal............ Just wondering what would be the best way and which way I could market my mushrooms...........trying to study the market...
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    Mushroom Growing Technology

    Hi i am interested to know about Mushroom Cultivation, Mushroom Technology, Marketing in India and Abroad, Buyers......... I am planning to setup a mushroom growing plant in Himachal or Punjab.....
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    High Yielding Milky mushroom Spawn

    Dear Mushroom Growers, Milky mushroom cultivation season starting next month onwards, those who require High yielding and aggressive spawn of Milky mushroom contact me by PM or on this thread.. Vishal Hinduja. Shiv Ashish Mushroom Farms. Gujarat.
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    Want to start Mushroom Cultivation in Krishnagiri

    I am planning to start Mushroom cultivation or farming in next 1-2 months in Krishnagiri, TN. I will have about 1 acre of land with good water facilities. Need support in terms of seeds, setup and buyback. Thanks & Regards Rajesh.A.
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    Fresh Mushrooms starting at Rs. 65

    Dear friends one of my client is starting mushroom production on contract basis in Gujarat..His farm has capacity of producing 1 ton per day..Any buyers out there are welcome to get the quote for mushrooms..He can give following mushrooms on contract: 1. Pleurotus Sajor Kaju 2. Pleurotus HU...