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Production Of Chinese mushroom Species To be Used As Special Diets.


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1- (The production of oyster mushrooms might help in consuming the agrowastes preventing its polluting effect and converting it to human food as well as animal feed ,also it could save the hard currency for importing mushrooms.
This study was carried out to produce many mushrooms of Pleurotus spp.,among of them three different kinds studies i.e., P.ostreatus, P.columbinus, P.pulmonarius., might help in consuming the different locally agrowastes lignocellulosic., i.e.,wheat straw, rough sawdust, sugar-cane bagasse, cotton stalk, rice straw, banana leaves, water-hyacine plants as substrate growth which unavailable organic material to convert it in to protein and valuable salts, glycoprotein , vitamins, and that careful role the fungus plays in Ecological, indicated that the best quality and quantity grown on different agricultural and industrial wastes.
In recent years and the last three decades; much attention has been directed toward the development of protein sources that could be used as food the nutritional value of mushrooms lies between meat and vegetables for human consumption , as well as animal feed and organic fertilizer to improve soil and it's fertility after the production of fungal fruiting bodies, so increased dramatically for cultivation at all world wide also ,which would increase the income. Microbial protein approach to be one of the alternative ways of increasing the word's protein supply, particularly in developing countries.
To preserve the mushrooms production by pickling, canning, drying both of (solar and oven dry) freezing and cold storage to prolong the shelf-life at 5°C in foam plate covered with perforated polyethylene film minimum to reduce of lost product and loss of it's weight for 7days marketing and handling methods).
2- (The commercial cultivation of edible mushrooms has speared in many countries throughout the world. Since cultivated mushrooms can be grown on agricultural and industrial wastes, they provide a solution to many problems of global importance including protein shortages, resource recovery, recycling and environmental management; it's a friend of the environment. Many edible mushrooms are receiving additional recognition for their medicinal and qualities.
For this reason trials to introduce new strains of Chinese mushroom which could be of nutritional and medicinal value were carried out this study. Twelve mushroom culture strains obtained from China were tried to be cultivated under Egyptian conditions. The successfully grown mushroom strains in Egypt were chemically analyzed for their chemical composition and evaluated for some medicinal properties.
Results could be summarized in the following., The propagation resulted in the success of 4 Chinese strains i.e., Auriculaia polytricha,Flammulin
velutipes, Ganoderma lucidium, and Lentinus edodes using PDYA medium., after that, spawn production of them were cultivated on locally three different agrowastes ;Wheat straw, rough sawdust and sugaer-cane bagasse., which were reached successfully ,fruiting stage both of A.polytricha and F.velutipes., by using a simple suitable thecnology for Egypt's environmental management. Differences chemical composition due to the growing culture's media were observed, which due to the geographical zone of cultivation were also reported. Low molecular weight compounds of material activity extracted from ear mushroom grown in Egypt reached to 2.15% on weight basis were tested for its effect as antiplatelet aggregation, and the minimum inhibitory platelet aggregation could be in the range of 35-36µg/ml of hemagglutinating activity in edible fungi).
3- "Technology of the production of alternative materials for heparin of mushrooms"
We are successfully able to produce Beta- glucan as a precursor of anticoagulant "heparin" from mushroom strain of Auricularia polytricha by formulating at a new growth medium which enhances accumulation of Beta – glucan and also by improving the growth conditions .
Experimental data ascertained that extracting and testing the Beta – glucan which gave us a similar effective of pharmaceutical – based material. A 100 gm of dried weight of Auricularia polytricha had an equivalent75000 units of heparin while a 100 gm fresh weight an equivalent 7500 units of heparin approximately., ..…Mushroom can be dried., as is milled and packaged for consumer use.
The Blood Picture and Immunity of The Experimental Rats.
(The present investigation was carried ut to increase the protein content of pies using mushroom.The increasment ranged from 1-3% according to the substitution level. Addition of Niglia sativa increased fat,ash and fiber content.Sensory evaluation of the supplemented pies resuted in very good score concerning mushroom(5&10%),and7.5%mushroom+5%Niglia sativa followed by 12.5%mushroom+5%Niglia sativa.
The biological evaluation of the susbtituted pies showed a significant jncrease in body weight gain and feed efficiency ration due to the highest level of mushroom substitution (12%) compared with control.The data indicated that there was a significant differences between basal diet and substitution level of mushroom and Niglia sativa concerning serum total protein,albumin, globulin and IgG except that of 5%mushroom only. Supplemented pies resulted is non-significant differences regards spleen relative weight except that 10% mushroom which showed a significant increase compared with the basal diet.The blood picture showed an increase in RBC's, Heamoglobin, heamatocrite and WRC's).

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)