Greenhouse Produce



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Greenhouse products are having good demand over the country as well as in the global market. Greenhouse produce are highly demanded in the urban areas for daily usage and also in the hotels for their daily servings.
Few products you can produce in greenhouse,
And Other crops that have done well under greenhouse conditions include sweet peppers, eggplant, and herbs like basil. Popular pepper varieties include 'Cubico' (red), 'Locas' (red), 'Samanta' (yellow), and 'Doria' (yellow) also few more exotic food you can produce.
Market for this has good in India and according to the Global Market Research their is great demand for the exotic vegetables amongst the various countries according to the reports.


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Greenhouse Types classification

Greenhouse is the best part of the agriculture for the cultivation in the controlled environment for the better agricultural produce which has great demand in local as well as in the Global Greenhouse market
Here are the few types according to its characteristic and uses.
it is broadly separated in two characteristics shape , structure.

Shape:that includes types like Gable, Flat arch, Raised dome, Sawtooth, Skillion, Tunnel.

Multi-span structures:
Other types of structures
Shade houses
Screen houses
Crop top structures
Classifying greenhouses
Low technology greenhouses
Medium technology greenhouses
High technology greenhouses
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