Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


  1. drsantos

    Available Farm Consulting

    Hi, Investment, Resources and knowledge are the three interdependent factors to success in farming. having right knowledge is foremost important even if you have ample of resources and investment. We can help you to gain knowledge in any point of farming that makes you sustainable.
  2. drsantos

    Advertising Free Zoom Education on Floriculture

    Hi Farmer, i am very much interested to support you in the field of floriculture in and out. please whatsapp your details Dr Santosh seeta hyderabad @drsantos Please use private messages to share contact numbers. To send private message to any member, click on username > start conversation
  3. P

    Advertising 1 Acre Polyhouse at Denkanikottai - Available on Rent

    Hi, I own a 1 acre poly-house and am planning to give it for lease. It is a nicely constructed one with the following facilities drip irrigation with 5HP pump shower line with 2HP pump 7.5HP bore-well pump rain water harvested from top of poly-house into a sump bore-well with good yield...
  4. P

    Ashok Barekere – IT Engineer turned farmer grows gerbera flowers in polyhouse at Turuvekere, Tumkur

    “Floriculture is profitable than horticulture crops. It is mostly done in polyhouse therefore capital investment in floriculture is high but return on investment and overall profit is much better than open cultivation. I did earn decent money in papaya in open cultivation but to earn huge...
  5. P

    Swati Shingade – Pune based police sub-inspector turned farmer

    “If everyone goes for the job then who would do the business? Indian youth must study agriculture, apply the knowledge on the field to escalate the farm production and provide the technology share to other farmers to help them progress as well. Soon the time will come when consumer would be...
  6. D

    Agronomist Needed in Madhya Pradesh

    Hello I need an agronomist, who has minimum 5 Years experience in Poly House. Regards Dhaval Jain Inbulls Agri +91 9826170007
  7. N

    Want to start Floriculture business

    Hi, I have a land in UP and want to start floriculture business but have no idea how to start it. is there any one who can help me with this ? Thanks, Napendra Kumar
  8. I

    To cultivate Gerbera & Dutch Rose commertially

    I'm Debashish Das from Bangladesh, i want to cultivate Gerbera & Dutch Rose commercially in GH & Open field respectively, Can any one help me to do that by infom me that where i can best quality Gerbera tissue culture seedlings & Dutch rose seedlings . my email: ; need...
  9. A

    Farm land available in Dehradun. Want to start farming.

    I have 3 acres of farm land available near Vikasnagar, Dehradun (UK). I want to grow some crops or flowers which have good returns. I don't have sufficient knowledge on what all can be grown except the usual rice, wheat and sugarcane crops. Tubewell facility is available. Presently rice and...
  10. A

    Rooting Hormone - Soluble Concentrate

    We import and distribute a rooting compound concentrate with 10,000 PPM of IBA and 5,000 PPM of NAA which is diluted with water to deliver exactly the dosage needed. Packed in 50 mL, 100 mL or 1 Litre bottles. The 50 and 100 mL bottles have built in dropper. This is the best and most effective...
  11. R

    Landscape Consultancy

    Dear All, We are providing professional Landscape Maintenance,project execution and Consultancy in Large and Small scale for Corporates, Shopping Malls, Collages, Industries ,resorts, and also individual villas also. Please contact 9884435825,9566515825 for any Landscape needs.
  12. K

    For Sale For sale: Greenhouse/Polyhouse structure

    For sale: Greenhouse/Polyhouse structure "This Poly house (Green House) is 2 years old built by using strong GI pipes and other good materials having 17968 square feet (16.5 Guntas). This structure can be moved to another location with minimum expense." Contact Suresh at 78999...
  13. S

    a gentler break into floriculture business

    The deal is that you rent my 1 acre polyhouse for 3 year "Bordo" rose production at Rs60000 deposit and Rs 30000 per month rent for the first 4 months paid in advance, there after you pay in form of 600 bundles of roses per month at rate of 50 bundles (of fixed quality), every monday wednesday...
  14. S

    try your hand at floriculture without huge financial risk

    want to try your hand at floriclture? don't wish to take huge financial risks? stay within 50-70km of Talegaon Floriculture park? if answer to above is yes then I have a 3 year contract you might want to look into . Write to me with your email address and interest and I will send the details to...
  15. S

    trial of floriculture business

    want to try your hand at floriclture? don't wish to take huge financial risks? stay within 50-70km of Talegaon Floriculture park? if answer to above is yes then I have a 3 year contract you might want to look into . Write to me with your email address and interest and I will send the details to...
  16. E

    Is open field flower cultivation an attractive business?

    We know about the big capital intensive floriculture projects started during the 1990s. Some of them like Karuturi have been a big global success. Many others faced enormous financial difficulties and struggled to repay their bank loans. But what about less capital expensive open field flower...
  17. S

    Need suggestion for a floriculture farmland which is 190 Kms from Delhi

    Hi I am currently working in IT industry and want to start in organic floriculture. Can someone tell me which flowers crops are suitable for the soil of Jhunjhunu Rajasthan near Pilani. My village is 190 kms from Delhi that means 4-5 hours of transportation time. Thanks
  18. R

    floriculture in himachal pradesh

    I am interested in setting up floriculture business in himachal pradesh , I want to know the business dynamics , what kind of investment is required on a acre of land , , how long does the flower mature , what flowers are profitable , who are the buyers , what is the rotation of flowers growing...
  19. V

    Floriculture in Haryana.

    Dear all, We want to start a floriculture farm for cut flowers for export in south Haryana . My questions are 1) What would the investment be for a 3-4 acre farm 2) Will a farm of this size be viable 3) If not what else could be viable and give good returns in a farm this size. Thanks to...
  20. J

    seeking guidance/ consultancy for greenhouse

    I am from Orissa & I wish to establish a green house here in 2 acres of land. I am looking for some good company to supply the green house structure,drip irrigation material, foggers, etc. Also trying to figure out some good company for supply of rose & gurbera plants. I would also like to...