Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


  1. harishara

    Opinion Benefits of organic farming

    1.Reduced environmental impact: Organic farming practices reduce pollution, soil erosion, and other environmental problems that can arise from conventional farming methods. Organic farms typically use fewer pesticides and fertilizers and avoid the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and...
  2. sgone

    Land Available 200 acres Hill Farm land for Sale/Joint Development in TN, 6500 feets from sea-level

    We have in terms of an investment in Landbank which is multifaceted business opportunity. A 200-acre, clear title fertile land in Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu which is seeing huge demand due to the uniqueness and versatility it brings in. With 5 natural springs, availability of water throughout the...
  3. M

    Advertising Specialist in horticulture crop spraying industry

    When looking for a horticulture crop sprayer to buy, the price of spray equipment is not the only guiding factor. At the same time, other serious considerations are also included, such as the Agriculture sprayer machine's design, the durability of the sprayer, safety equipment, and simplicity of...
  4. A

    Land Required Need Agricultural land in Umbergaon (Gujarat) on Rent

    Dear Members, We are looking at starting a climate control hydroponic farm and need 3-4 Acre Agricultural land on lease near Umbergaon, gholvad area. If any members has land or knows any one have land near umbergaon area please contact me. We are ready to pay above market lease rental.
  5. B

    Question Raisins Processing

    Hi Everyone !!!! Is there any proven methodology using new food processing techniques for making raisins from grapes (other than the conventional drying method) ??
  6. B

    Available Learn Natural Farming

    Any one interested in learning natural/organic farming near Rajahmundry ?, respond to this post.
  7. E

    Wanted Paddy straw

    Reqd in bulk huge quantity paddy straw to Chennai throughout the year.. Only genuine sellers kindly approach to make it a long term.
  8. H

    Required Need medicinal & any other crop with buy back contract farming agreement

    Iam former from gauribidanur Chikkaballapura Dist Karnataka I have 5acre land with water facility I need do contact farming with buy back agreement medicinal plants or any other .
  9. K

    Job Required Farm labour needed

    We need an family for goat farm in thiruvallur. Will provide accommodation for stay salary upto 13k
  10. S

    Land Required Interested in purchasing agriculture land near Sira or Hiriyur

    Interested in purchasing agriculture land near Sira or Hiriyur. Kindly contact if anyone is interested in selling
  11. R

    Job Available Need Labor for farming in Andhra

    Hi team, I am looking for the workers who can cultivate and supervise our crops in 30 acres. We may require around 5 families or 10 people for our need. Kindly let me know whom I can contact for providing me some workers to meet my requirements in agriculture. Regards, Rushi K
  12. S

    Land Required Want land for organic farming

    Hi Guys! I am a researcher currently working on soil. I am planning to start organic farming using updated technology and science. Any land at cheap cost is welcome. Price at 5000 to 10000/acre maximum around 100-200 acre for starting. Road connectivity is must.
  13. S

    Land Available 1.6 acres of land at Patancheru Hyderabad on lease for cricket or sports Academy or any commercial purpose. Please mail to

    1.6 acres of land at Patancheru, Hyderabad on lease for cricket or sports academy or any commercial purpose.
  14. G

    Land Available We need good water source farming land in Namakkal

    We need good water source in namakkal and nearby area.
  15. K

    For Sale 30,000 kg Cucumbers for Sale

    Cucumber(kheera) for sale Variety: VNR Krish Quantity: 30,000 kg Location: Raipur(Chhattisgarh) Contact to buy
  16. A

    Wanted Apple orchard available in Kashmir for research

    Hi I am Aabid Naik from Kashmir, I have an Apple Orchard and I am ready to provide it for research purposes. Land is also available for farming of different types of medicinal plants. Anyone interested can contact me .
  17. K

    Opportunity Co-operative farming in Odisha

    I belong to state of odisha. Working in IT Sector for past 20 years. Like many of my IT friends I was always interested in farming. After intensive study, and going through land availability and opportunities i see that if a group of like minded people invest and work on large scale farming...
  18. B

    Any Buyers for Vermicompost Fertilizer

    We are manufacturer for Vermicompost Fertilizer in West Bengal, we are presently supplying to local farmers, but due to high productivity and excessive stock, we are looking for new buyers across the country. We will provide Quality Test Report from horticulture expert in West Bengal along with...
  19. G

    Stray cattle /animal management in agriculture

    Stray animal / cattle is emerging as a major challenge in agriculture specially in India. They destroy crop at different stages. Farmers keep running behind cattle and cattle keep running behind green farm. Farmers have to keep watching their farm to save their farm from attack of stray animal...
  20. G

    What can agriculture expect from union budget?

    This is last full budget of Shri Narendra Modi led NDA Govt. As per expected there will be a lot of things for poor, farmers and common man as all there are major vote contributor. For the benefit of farmers Govt will give through agriculture and for common man govt will give through industry...