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  1. N

    For Sale Vermicompost for sale

    We are manufacturer of premium quality vermicompost for organic farming. Out unit is located in Bhopal. Presently we have ready stock of 100 MT.
  2. K

    What is an Organic Waste Composter Machine?

    What is an Organic Waste Composter Machine?
  3. K

    Question What is the best way to convert any types of organic waste into compost ?

    What is the best way to convert any types of organic waste into compost ?
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    Question What is the procedure for getting compost from organic waste?

    What is the procedure for getting compost from organic waste?
  5. lalitds36

    Available Vermicompost - Cow Dung Based

    Vermicompost - Cow Dung Based Our vermicompost is uniform in quality as we use only cow dung. Vermicompost is considered superior to cow manure due to higher content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and also it has higher water holding capacity.
  6. D

    Advertising Compost, Universal Potting Mix & Bio-Enriched Organic Manure available for sale

    We are Earth First Solutions LLP. We produce and market My Happy Garden (MHG) branded eco-products which include Compost, Vermicompost, Potting Mix, Coco-peat & Bio-Enriched Organic Manure. We have a capacity of 200 tons per month. We are based out of Nelamangala, Off Bangalore-Mangalore...
  7. V

    Available Vermicompost

    We are a biotech company producing 100% organic Vermicompost in large / bulk quantities , using scientific methods .. please contact us if you are in need of Vermicompost for your organic farming .. - team Vivnova
  8. P

    Vermicompost packings and sale!

    Hello Folks, I have started making vermicompost in my village. Current production capacity is 10 Ton / Month. Packing we have available 5KG = 65RS 10KG = 110RS 25KG = 210RS 40KG = 250Rs if you want to keep the vermicompost to be selled in next some days than while packing we use extra...
  9. C

    Compost Windrow Turner-Turning Trash into Treasure

    Compost turners are vital to efficiently producing large volumes of compost. These units introduce oxygen into the compost pile helping to speed the decomposition process. Compost Windrow Turners Reliable, efficient, economical, low-maintenance, and long lasting. Extra-hardened, replaceable...
  10. C

    Composting Equipment-Full Hydraulic Compost Turner

    Allance Full Hydraulic Compost Turner is ideal for farm, municipal and industrial composting. Features of full hydraulic compost turner machine: A large dimensioned and powerful hydraulically driven roller with effective conveyor and throwing tools acccelerates the turning and rotting...
  11. R

    High Quality compost for sale

    Moving from fertiliser and chemical based farming to organic based farming is a natural progression these days as the market for organic produce is growing. The fact that organic fertilizer does not cause a depletion of the top soil, & infact enhances soil quality is becoming well known fact as...
  12. A

    Organic Manure

    Organic Manure for sale. Can supply bulk quantities on daily basis. This high quality manure is better than vermicompost and cheaper as well. Specifications: Moisture % by weight: 15-255 Colour: Dark brown to black Odour: Absence of foul odour Particle size: Min 90% material should pass...
  13. D

    Bedding Composter for Dairy Farms

    Bedding Composter is a semi-closed system known as “in-vessel composting” in compost literature is a aerobic compostioning technology. The system basically prepares the ideal conditions for accelarating the activities of the bacteria in the organical waste. The moisture ratio temperature and...
  14. S

    Bio fertiliser / Cow compost for sale @ 1/- kg

    Dear Sir, We are running a Indian Cow center ( Gaushala) in Greater Noida, We have a good amount of cow compost for sale @ Rs1/- per kg. Please call us or send your mails , 9899224010
  15. N

    Vermicompost for sale near Mysore

    Hello We have vermi compost for sale, monthly 10 tons production. The compost is made from cow dung, green and dry waste and biogas slurry. The best price of vermi-compost excluding transport I can offer right now is Rs. 5000/ton. We are located near Mysore in Karnataka. Please let...
  16. F

    Much simple to make organic compost with compost turner

    Organic compost turner is of advanced design,can integrate blending and crushing windrow piles at high efficiency;various composting capacities and simple operation. Contact person: Julia Email: What Is Self-propelled Compost Turner Self-propelled compost turner is born to...
  17. R

    EM-1 Compost maker for food waste?

    Does anyone have any experience of using EM-1 bio digesters to produce compost ? I am interested in experience of using these products and their effectiveness + techniques to produce the bio digester.
  18. R

    Food waste Compost maker - bokashi bran

    I am interested in more information about food waste digesters. These are also known by their Japanese name Bokashi. Please send me a private message if you know about these products.
  19. 2compost

    Artificial tank for compost unit

    Dear all we are supplying artifical tanks for composting at reasonable rate. We supply vermicompost and earthworms too. Pls contact 9980400241 for u r requirements mail me:
  20. 2compost

    vermi compost earthworms vermicompost beds

    Dear All We are supplier of vermicompost, earthworms & vermicompost beds in Bangalore. Please contact us for your requirements.