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Much simple to make organic compost with compost turner


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Organic compost turner is of advanced design,can integrate blending and crushing windrow piles at high efficiency;various composting capacities and simple operation.

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What Is Self-propelled Compost Turner

Self-propelled compost turner is born to turn compost to bio-organic fertilizer which is environment protecting and earth quality improving. It uses the modern fertilizing technology to make bio-organic fertilizer from such materials as agri-waste,manure,daily life gabbage,slush and vinasse,etc. Compost fermentation is rather an advanced and the most economical fertilizing method to save land and labor sources. The bio-organic materials should be piled on the ground or in workshops in a strip shape. During compost turning, compost turner integrates blending and crushing for bio-organics decomposing. It accelerates fermentation speed and prevents generation of poisonous and smelly gas such as sulfuretted hydrogen,amine gas,etc.therefore,compost is in favor of environment and improves fertilizer influence.

Compost Turner 20 Series Advantages

1.Advanced drum design ensures variable drum speed and maximum aeration, CO2 release.
2.Reasonable knife structure makes average blending,crushing effect and is simple to maintain.
3.Professional manufacturing craftsmanship,standard spare parts-convenient to fix or change.
4.Adjustable turning capacity 400-1000m³/h.
5.Small space occupation, flexible button to raise or lower down turner drums.

Brief Introduction of Compost is a type of nutrient-rich,long manurial effect bio-organic fertilizer. It mainly consists of various plant residue(crop straw,weed,leaf,peat,rubbish and other waste,etc) and human or animal manure; these mixtures finally form compost by means of 7-10 days composting and decomposing. Compost plays quite a fundamental role in the whole growing process of crops and plants. To make good quality and nutritious bio-organic fertilizer, the very composting tool --compost turner is necessary.


Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)