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    Cow Milk Booster > Dinlog > Wanted Distributors

    We are manufacturers of Dinlog Calplus, a Calcium mineral supplement for Cows & Buffalos and Dinlog Almond, an extract of Almonds, a Herbal Feed supplement for Cows & Buffalos, which increases daily milk yield by 15% to 20% at a nominal cost of Rs.3 to Rs.5 per day per cow. Results are...
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    Electrically and Diesel/Kerosene Operated Milking Machine for Cow and Buffalo

    Our company AlfaTech India is situated in Maharashtra, Pune. We sell Milking Machines for large scale as well as small scale farms. The machine is capable of milking 12-15Lts within 3-4mins. We offer Single-Bucket, Double-Buckets , 4- Buckets and 8-Bucket machines. The parts and spares are...
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    Best cow breeds for dairy farm

    Hi, I am looking forward to start my dairy farm in coming months.Hence, I need quality cow and buffalo breeds . Can anyone tell me about the availability of such nice breeds like karen frie and Murrah in Western U.P. area. Thanks, Abhinav
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    Dairy Farm Novice

    Hi friends, My name is Imran and I was born and brought up in Mumbai. I have inherited around 50 acres of agricultural land in Maharashtra and I want to do something useful with it, rather than selling it off. After much deliberation I have decided to use the land to start a dairy farm. I...
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    Cattle Markets?

    I read in some thread that you can find buffaloes in UP and Maharashtra. Can any one please tell me the cattle markets in UP and Maharashtra and the day on which these markets are held? All help would be greatly appreciated.
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    purchase 10 buffalo

    i want to purchase 10 jaffarabadi buffalo.
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    i need information about jaffarabadi buffalo

    1- lactation period 2 - dry period 3 - calving period 4- yearly yield how much food reqired in a day.... how much water reqired in a day avg fat of jaffarabadi buffalo? avg snf of jaffarabadi buffalo? pls help me
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    Download free, bankable crossbred cow/buffalo dairy farm project report

    Visit Project Reports page at Livestock Production Management for generating free detailed Dairy Farm Project Reports as per NABARD guidelines. These can serve as a valuable guide for planning your project and availing bank loans. The Project Reports can be customized and generated online i.e...
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    Download bankable Dairy Farm Project Reports for starting/expanding a dairy farm

    Visit Project Reports page at Livestock Production Management for Crossbred Cow and Buffalo Dairy Farm Project Reports as per NABARD/Bank guidelines which can be customized (i.e. parameters like milk sale price, labour wages, bank loan rate, repayment period etc. can be modified by the user) and...
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    Fencing plants

    Can anyone tell me, which are the plants not eaten by cows/buffaloes and goats? Basically I need to plant them as "fencing" around my land.
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    Milking machine for dairy cows and buffaloes

    Visit https://sites.google.com/site/viveklpm/cattle-and-buffalo-production-management/milking-machine for more information, photos and videos on the usage of milking machines in dairy farms. Regards, Dr. Vivek Patil Asst. Prof. LPM, Vety. College, KVAFSU, Bidar. Site Moderators please...
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    Need help on suitable fodder for HF Cows

    About 12 HF Cows are joining my new diary farm (start up). Planning to utilize 2 acres of wet land to grow the natural fodder for the HF cows. Can anyone suggest on below .... 1) what fodder plant/tree should be cultivated for HF Cows 2) Availability & price of the seeds 3) Processing...
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    Murrah Buffalo from Jind Haryana

    I am selling two (2) pure murrah buffalo brought from Jind, Haryana giving Milk 10-12+++Kg per day One has male calf, one has female calf, The Calfs are 1 and 1-1/2 Month old. Selling Buffalo and calf for 65,000 and 70,000. the buffalos are in Jalandhar Punjab Call or Email me
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    Cunsultancy for Buffalo dairy farm.

    Dear Sir, We are a group of companies from Pakistan. Our interests are in man made yarn, power generation , information technology Blue Ice Technologies. renewable energy. Sanfarina, Please contact... We have started a 500 head dairy farm in Karachi Pakistan. We have 80% Buffalo's and 20% cows...