Download free, bankable crossbred cow/buffalo dairy farm project report


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Visit Project Reports page at Livestock Production Management for generating free detailed Dairy Farm Project Reports as per NABARD guidelines. These can serve as a valuable guide for planning your project and availing bank loans.

The Project Reports can be customized and generated online i.e. parameters like cost of the animals, sale price of milk, labour wages, rate of bank loan, repayment period etc. can be modified and downloaded as per your needs.

Instructions for downloading online Project Report:-
1. Visit the site through above-mentioned link.
2. Select the appropriate project.
3. Fill in all the fields in the form clearly and accurately. Do not enter additional values like 'Rs' 'lit' '%' 'years' etc.
4. Click on 'Submit' at the end of the form.
5. Wait till the message 'Please click on View Project Report' appears.
6. Click on 'View Project Report' link at the top of the page.
7. Click on 'Download as PDF' link to save.

You can repeat this process as many times as you wish and try out various combinations to decide which is most profitable.

Please post your results/comments/suggestions as a reply to this thread so as to aid in further improvements and assist other entrepreneurs.

For dairy and other livestock development/subsidy schemes, please visit Livestock Development Schemes.

For more detailed information on modern dairy farming, including many video tutorials, please visit Modern Dairy Farming.

Kindly post a reply in case of any clarifications.

Dr. Vivek Patil
Assistant Professor LPM
Veterinary College, Bidar,

Site Moderators please note :This is a livestock extension initiative meant to increase awareness about the economic aspects of dairy farming and aid in project planning by dairy entrepreneurs. It does not involve any business activity.
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