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 “Talk on Water bottle drip irrigator” by Dr. Ashok Gadewar

Dr.  Ashok Gadewar from Nagpur, Maharashtra is a Retd. ICAR Scientist and former Principal Agricultural College.

He says, “Seed germination is painful process. Germination of viable seeds is affected by several external factors like temperature, moisture, soil conditions etc. Germination of seeds under rainfed conditions solely depend upon soil moisture and soil moisture depend upon rainfall. Rainfall is unpredictable in crop season . Under Indian condition about 80 per cent crop cultivation (cash crop like fiber crop cotton, chili etc. ) is done under rainfed conditions and have no source of water to irrigate their crop at germination stage or later on and sown seeds either do not germinate, struggle to germinate and struggle during establishment and water shortage affect all physiological phenomenon related to its growth. Farmers at risk of losing its crop and season, for example cotton growers every where but more specifically in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Telengana, Tamilnadu and others. At present there is no way to help farmers that can provide easy solution to protect the crop to water their plants. I developed a portable device that is easy to carry water and drip them with water as well nutrients. The easiest way at affordable cost.”

Meeting was held on: May 12, 2023 3:00 pm
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