Premium Membership organizes online meetings with growers, entrepreneurs, and vendors connected with agriculture. 

There are around 300+ online meetings conducted during the year. 

You can join these live meetings and ask questions.  

But what if you are not able to attend the live session? 

The benefit of premium membership is that it allows you to watch the recording of every meeting for the next 15 days after the session is completed. 

We will email you the link to watch the meeting recording. You can catch up on the discussion during the weekend or when possible.  

Premium membership costs Rs 2000 and is valid for one year. 

Along with the recording of the meeting, you will also, in most cases, get the contact details of the speakers to reach out to them directly. 

If you are serious about agriculture, getting this membership is the best investment you can make. If you try to identify, connect, and speak with each expert independently, you will spend much more time and money than this membership fee!