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Mr. Vihar Pancholi on "Smart & Green Village Program"

Mr. Vihar Pancholi is the CEO of Maverik Inc., in Vadodara, Gujarat. His interests are Rural Sustainable Project, Smart Village Development Programs, Renewable Energy Projects, Waste Management, Biomethanation Projects, Domestic Waste Water Treatment & Recycling Schemes, Bio-remediation of Lakes, Water Body & Aquifer (for Cleaning) and Organic Farming Inputs. To know more view

Rural Sustainability Project comprises Total Waste Management of the village, which would convert the waste into value added up-cycled products viz. clean and green fuel, organic compost, liquid fertilizer, etc. These products plays a pivotal role to enhance the socio-economic profile of villages and makes them A Smart Village, which has integrated Sanitation, Waste Management, Solar Powered Cold Chain Storage System. Making village self-sufficiency is making India self-sufficiency since 70% population of India is in villages.

Meeting was held on: April 28, 2021 3:00 pm
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