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Mr. V Chandra Mohan on “Process of generating biogas from fruit and vegetable waste”

Mr. V Chandra Mohan is the Founder CEO of Acclaim Techhnology Services India (P) Ltd., Chennai, Tamilnadu. To know more view

Mr. V Chandra Mohan says converting wet organic waste into Compressed BioGas ( CBG) or bioCNG as it is otherwise called, is becoming quite popular as it addresses the twin problems of waste disposal and generation of green energy threby reducing dependence on fossil fuels which are a drain on the country’s foreign exchange reserves.
The process of biomethanation which is driven by bacterial action results in the production of methane along with carbon di-oxide. This gas can be purified to contain methane in excess of 90% and going up to as much as 97 to 98%. This gas can be compressed to 200 bar for transport and use to replace LPG and CNG.

Meeting was held on: December 29, 2021 3:00 pm
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