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Mr. Sriram Kummamuru on “Solar based solutions for mitigating post harvest losses”

Mr. Sriram Kummamuru is the Head – Food Security at Covestro (India) Private Limited in Chennai, Tamilnadu. 

Mr. Sriram Kummamuru  says “Agriculture, with its allied sectors, is the largest source of livelihoods in India. 70 percent of its rural households still depend primarily on agriculture for their livelihood, with 82 percent of farmers being small and marginal. India is the second largest producer of Fruits and Vegetables in the world, Recorded 331 million tonne of Horticulture production in 2020-21:  103 million tonnes of fruits loss; 197 million tonnes of vegetables loss.According to MoFPI estimated PHL is approx. 15% of total production; Total approximate value of losses = $ 4.4 Bn. approx (2018-19) post-harvest management of crops plays a crucial role in both value generation as well as value distribution along crop value chains, by mitigating post-harvest losses. Affordable and sustainable solutions like Solar Cold Storages and Solar Green House Dryers could address in mitigating the losses to an assumption of 1-2% and thus improve the revenue of the farmers.”

Meeting was held on: May 12, 2022 5:00 pm
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