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Mr. Praveen Sharma on “Sustainable vertical farming : Energy efficient vertical farming – The way to go!”

Mr. Praveen Sharma is the Founder of Flora Consult in Pune, Maharashtra. 

Mr. Praveen Sharma says “The growing population and reduction in agriculture land is putting pressure on the agriculture fraternity to come up with higher productivity methods from per unit area. Vertical Farming has caught fancy of the new generation Agripreneurs around the world. Vertical farming has enabled use of high value sub-urban agriculture land into a viable business preposition. This could not be possible by traditional cultivation to sustain on a high value sub-urban agriculture land. The advantage of easy excess to urban population, low carbon foot print, fresh, pesticides free, healthy produce are the positives of vertical farming, which enables the vertical farmers to claim Premium on their produce. However, there are challenges to ensure the justified energy consumption per kg of produce”.

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Meeting was held on: June 3, 2022 3:00 pm
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