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Mr. Mandar Vasudeo Athalekar on "Business opportunities in integrated agri-food supply chain - Farm to Fork models"

Mr. Mandar Vasudeo Athalekar is the  Founder and CEO of Strenbiz Consulting in Thane, Maharashtra. Mr. Mandar Vasudeo Athalekar says there is an urgent need to have sustainable operating Farm-To-Fork models. An integrated agri-food supply chain management approach would empower farmers to produce, sell and earn more with minimum investment and effort. A holistic view to solving the current problems in the agri-food supply chain in India will help identify the missing links and design robust models to fix them. The process will essentially involve inputs from farmers, policy makers, experts and consumers to optimize the various factors affecting production, storage and transport of farm produce to meet demand with adequate supply at acceptable quality and prices. To know more view,,

Meeting was held on: June 4, 2021 3:00 pm
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