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Mr. K.S.Gopal on “Mistakes farmers make while irrigating the lands”

Mr. K S Gopal  is the Director of Centre for Environment Concerns in Hyderabad, Telagana. His interest is rural development and environment with focus on water, soil for horticulture and agroforestry crops in water scarce drought prone areas. He has invented SWAR Irrigation Technique to improve water efficiency in farm. Mr. K S Gopal  says groundwater based horticulture crop-growing farmers are finding an increasing shortage of water. Thousands of full-grown fruit trees are drying (leading to poor yield) or dying causing a huge asset loss. To reduce water use and to maximize its efficiency for plant growth and yield, the Centre for Environment Concerns, Hyderabad has the first of its kind measure of moisture at the plant root zone innovation called System of Water for Agriculture Rejuvenation (SWAR). It drastically reduces water, forms a rich ecosystem to foster soil microbes and the farmer is confident of root zone soil moisture adequacy and plan irrigation schedule by measuring moisture levels at the root zone using a simple moisture probe. SWAR has won two global champion innovation awards in Paris and Washington and widely adopted by farmers growing fruit trees and vegetables. To know more view 

Meeting was held on: March 13, 2023 3:00 pm
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