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Mr. Jamindar Buddiga on “How to minimize the crop harvesting losses”

Mr. Jamindar Buddiga is an Associate Professor at KL University in Vaddeswaram Guntur Dt. , Andhrapradesh. He says ” In the period of Globalization the current agriculture world is effected with enormous food crisis. The causes may vary from Global warming effected with environmental issues such as natural calamities, famines etc. The given land for agriculture land getting reduced through urbanizations, wrong practices in agriculture etc. While steps to be taken to increase grains and cereal production, parallel measures to bring the grain from plant harvesting is an important task. Minimizing the harvest losses also a factor of food security, hence the losses control on combine harvesters gained its importance.”

The speaker touches some important factors to save grain losses during the harvesting of grains and cereal crops

Meeting was held on: June 27, 2022 3:00 pm
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