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 Mr. Dhanraj Manikrao Deshpande on “How to maintain organic carbon in our agriculture using cow dung and cow urine”

Mr. Dhanraj Manikrao Deshpande is the Co-Founder of Deshpande Organic Farm , Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. He says, “We have been doing organic and traditional farming for the last 15 years. Cow-based farming means self-sustaining farming and it helps to farm with self-respect. Cow dung and cow urine from indigenous cows is the foundation of organic farming. As a result, we have managed to maintain 2-3 percent organic carbon in our agriculture. Cow-based organic farming has the power to provide pure nutritious food in today’s era. The human body is hungry for nutrients, not food. If we will not focus on organic farming, it will spoil the farm soil. The Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) content in India has come down to 0.3 per cent.”, To know more view 

Meeting was held on: May 8, 2023 5:00 pm
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