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Mr. Deepak Pareek on “Data driven decision to decide what to grow and when to grow?”

Mr. Deepak Pareek  is the Managing Partner & Chief Consultant of  HnyB Tech-Incubations and Founder of AGriChain, DigiAgri, MyCrop in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He says HnyB, is creating an ecosystem to deploy cutting-edge technologies including Machine-Learning, Blockchain, GeoSpatial, Computer-Vision, Drones and IoT for improving profitability and productivity of marginal farmers on one hand and providing valuable insights to agriculture ecosystem participants on the other. Through AgriChain, DigiAgri and MyCrop (Three AgTech companies ) they have increased productivity of farmers, reduce their cost of cultivation, enhanced quality of output, catalysed sustainability of cultivation, made agriculture value chains transparent & fair and hence increased income of thousands of farmers across multiple countries. To know more view