Want to set up small milk dairy to process 2000 liters of milk per day



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Dear Members,

Please advise me on the below.

I am planning to set up a small dairy plant to process upto 2000 liters of milk per day; my activities are as below:

1. Buy milk from formers and collect them into 25-30 litrs cans.
2. Bring them to the plant and process the milk to save the milk from spoiling
3. Next morning fill the milk into 5 litrs can and send out for the customers

Please advice the kind of plant I should setup.
Also looking for such plant installing Vendors; I would need all the relevant details to set up the plant.
If possible, please send me the details along with the quotations.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Venkatesh G
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Hi Venkatesh,
One of the most important aspects to take into consideration while setting up a dairy is to maintaining the quality standards of the milk and preventing any adulteration right till it is delivered to the consumer. This will help you provide the best quality, reduce wastage, improve taste and gain an edge over your competitors. I recently read about Pride of Cows’ modern dairy farm. This superior first-of-its kind farm is equipped with the finest international technology for feeding, milking and processing, conforming to international dairy practices. It would be a good reference for you to look at since they have managed to completely eliminate the human effort from the supply chain and provide premium quality milk.