Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


  1. R

    Required Wanted on lease milk, khoa processing Unit

    Want to buy running or Want to take on lease Milk, khoa processing Unit of Capacity 1000-1500 Ltr per day in Punjab, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh.
  2. R

    Milk Collection Agency

    Hi All I am from Villupuram in TN. I am planning to start a milk collection agency in my village. What are the procedures? Is it available bank loan?
  3. V

    Want to set up small milk dairy to process 2000 liters of milk per day

    Dear Members, Please advise me on the below. I am planning to set up a small dairy plant to process upto 2000 liters of milk per day; my activities are as below: 1. Buy milk from formers and collect them into 25-30 litrs cans. 2. Bring them to the plant and process the milk to save the...
  4. D

    milk vs meat? which is better?

    Domesticated animals, particularly bison and dairy cattle, give significant job in India. Country individuals get salary and occupation opportunities through milk. It likewise gives draft creature force, compost and different side effects, for example, skin, conceals and bones. In spite of the...
  5. G

    Gir Cows For Sale

    Hi All, We r interested to sell 15 Purebred Gir cows of first lactations. They all r 6-7 months pregnant. Our location is Nagpur, Maharashtra. Those who r interested to buy can contact us on the number mentioned below. Regards Chetan Kondewar 09922111447
  6. stargem

    UHT Milk

    Dear Sir/Madam, (HS 0401) We would like to offer : UHT milk. Our UHT milk is processed from natural and fresh cow milk. Starting from ingredient selection till packaging is done by trained professional to guarantee the milk free from bactery and foreign matters. Available in various choices...
  7. S

    Organic / A2 category Milk Market

    Hi All, I would like to know the organic milk requirement and present market in Tamilnadu. I would like to know the milk rate, demand & supply gap, acceptance in market and availability in market. I would highly appreciate comments from people, organic store owners, individual buyers...
  8. S

    Investment or JV required.

    Hi All, We are looking for single or multiple investment partners for Breeding & Rearing of Gir Cows. Land is available. Fodder is also home grown in vast area. Investment is Required for Following. 1) Capital Equipments. 2) Live stock. 3) Working Capital. 4) Breeding & Rearing...
  9. A

    Dairy farm project report for beginners 250 Rs only

    Information Guide Book & Financial Project report on Dairy Farming Prepared on 2014 Data ( Modification can be done according to your requirement) 250 Rs only Soft copy will be sent to your mail Mode of paymen NEFT or cash deposit to account This will be helpful for the beginners who...
  10. G

    Milk Processing Plant in Konkan, Maharashtra

    Hello, I am planning to setup Milk Processing Plant in Konkan region. I am looking for the following: 1. Consultancy service to prepare Project Report, Business plan, Marketing plan, other requirements to setup the business. 2. Raw Buffalo Milk availability from nearby farms...
  11. T

    how to increase snf content in milk

    we are in dairy business want to know method to increase SNF contain in milk
  12. C

    Wanted cow milk in huge quantity

    Dears, good day, we are in need of cow milk in huge quantity at competitive price from farmers and farms, especially from western tamilnadu. If you can supply, please send your contact details with price expectation at the earliest to our email Thanks and regards...
  13. S

    Buffalo wanted.

    Hello All, We buy dry or milking Buffalo in large number of any breed. Should b in 2 or 3 lactations only. We are central India region based agricultural group. Dairy farmers can also approach us for lodging & boarding their non productive cattle till they delivered calf & become...
  14. I

    Wanted dairy / food processing business for outright acquisition

    Looking for a medium to large scale: 1) running or a closed dairy / milk processing plant in any state in india 2) any other food processing business please contact with relevant details.
  15. G

    Milk Machine

    We are in the process of setting up a small dairy unit. Can experts please suggest good brand/company for milk packing machine. We are looking for Single head model.
  16. T

    Required genuine buyers for 100% pure cow/buffalo milk at highest competitive rate

    Required genuine buyers for 100% pure cow/buffalo milk at highest competitive rate. We are into business of our own dairy farm with about 100 cows/buffaloes. We are willing to supply minimum 200-500 litres per day of 100% pure cow/buffalo milk at dist anantapur A.P. Only genuine regular buyers...
  17. educationteam

    Raghupathy Venkatraman - Dairy farming - Wednesday July 24, 2013

    You are invited to attend a webinar (live discussion) on Dairy farming with Raghupathy Venkatraman of Govardhangiri property consultants, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu To know more about Raghupathy Venkatraman follow the link below...
  18. N

    [B] Milk Process & Packaging Unit for Sale [/B]

    Machine Details Packet Machine Air Compressor AC Motor - 2HP SS Tank - 300 ltr Capacity Steel Pipe Price/Date Imprinter Stabilizer Change Over - Switch - Electric to Generator Panel Board Motor Starter Panels Capacitor Homogenizer Machine AC 2HP Motor Starter Panel Pasteurizer SS Tank - 300...
  19. educationteam

    Bhaskara Kommalapati - Dairy Farm Management Software - Friday June 21, 2013

    You are invited to attend a webinar (live discussion) on Dairy Farm Management Software with Bhaskara Kommalapati of Enterprise Software Works, Bangalore To know more about Bhaskara follow the link below In this live discussion you will be able to ask questions...
  20. H

    Dairy Farm for sale, 11 acres, 1000 animals,

    Hi, Ready dairy farm ammmenities is available at padgha. which is 25 kms from thane, 50 kms from mumbai, 15 kms from kalyan, 13 kms from bhiwandi. It is spread in 11 acres, and shed with godown, clinic area, dedicated medical area, bio gas plant, rooms with attached toilet, bunglow is ready...