Want to know the suitalbe land for Teak, White sandlewood and Malabar neem



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Planning to purchase 2 acre land in one of the venture with below options:

100 Mango trees
60 Tissue cluture teak plants
60 White sandal
90 Australian Teak or Malabar Neem

Here are my questions:
- Is it fine if we go with these many combinations
- Which type of soil is suitable (Red or Black)
- Which one is better option Australian Teak or Malabar Neem
- Can we sale the White sandal and Teak plants after 15 years (this is what they said)
- What will be the spacing dimension
- Current marker rate for Teak, Sandal, Australian and Malabar Neem
- Approximate yield for above no. of plants

Please help me to proceed further