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  1. S

    Question Suggestions for Crops like Malabar Neem, Silver Oak, Teak, Sandalwood

    Dear Members, Im looking for your valuable feedback & inputs on crops like Malabar Neem & SilverOak or any other similar crop where the crop needs less maintenance & gives decent profits after certain years of cultivation. Please also mention the type of soil, water & time period required...
  2. J

    Question What can we grow in teak farm under shades

    Hello, Recently we bought teak farm of 2 and 1/2 acre , tree age is about 10 years, these trees occupied entire land and full of shades. Can I grow pepper plants , will they grow without much sunlight and what other plants can we grow? please advice
  3. N

    For Sale 30 years old TEAK TREES for sale at Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh

    30 years old 150 nos. of Indian teak trees available for sale at Sundarpur, Distt. Saharanpur near Uttar Pradesh. We are looking for serious buyers. The size range of trees varies from 48 inches to 38 inches (diameter). Regards .
  4. N

    For Sale TEAK TREES AVAILABLE FOR SALE at Sundarpur, Distt. Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh

    50 numbers of fully mature Teak Trees out of total 160 trees available for sale at Sundarpur, Distt. Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Age of trees = 30 years. Please contact
  5. Rajani_VMG

    Ankur Farm and Nursery – develops and supplies disease resistant and high yielding fruit grafts

    Ankur Farm and Nursery – develops and supplies disease resistant and high yielding fruit grafts Our policy is to prepare plants from mother plants so that it begins to fruit early and for long. Prior to preparing seedlings of any species, we acquire original mother plant as we need scion to...
  6. S

    Sagwan Tree for Sale

    Hi All, I have planted 2000 sagwan tree on my land in 2 Acre Area in 2007-08. Now, I want to sell 150 of them to earn some money and start my business. Please guide e where to sell them or If anyone intrested then please do contact me on my email id i.e I am...
  7. D

    10 acres Agriculture Land For Sale near Vizianagaram, Gapathi Nagaram, Bondapalli.

    10 Acres Agriculture land with more than 1000 teak trees, 1000 red sandalwood trees and Mango Groove for sale at BondaPalli Village, Gajapathi nagaram Mandal, Vizianagaram district, 65 km distance from Visakhapatnam. Clear Title. Total 2.5 crores. 25 lacs per acre. The land has bore connection.
  8. G

    20 years old Teak Trees for sale

    Hello, There are around 20 teak trees aged around 20 years are for sale near Vandavasi, Tamilnadu. If anyone interested please reach out to +91-9884004179. Thanks Gopinath
  9. M

    Malabar Neem Plantation

    Hi All, I have 10 acres of land in Nalgonda District (Telangana State) soil here is while and black with small stones,even sand can be seen by digging 5-10cms of soil.Can I grow Malabar Neem Plants in this type of soil .Last year there was cotton crop was grown in this land.What is the...
  10. G

    Teak Tree sale

    Hello, Can someone help me out to understand the procedure and steps to be followed in selling teak trees? Thanks in Advance Gopinath
  11. G

    Teak Trees to be sold

    Hello, I do have around 10 teak trees which are around 20+ years old, which I have to sell it. These are cultivated in patta land. The place is near Vandavasi - Arani in Tamilnadu. Please reach me @9884004179 if you are interested. Thanks Gopinath
  12. D

    Teak Trees for sale near Visakhapatnam, AP

    I have 50 teak trees which are 12 years old for sale. Find the pictures attached. The location is Bondapalli village Gajapathinagaram mandal Vizianagaram Dist, Andhra Pradesh. 70 kms from Visakhapatnam Interested parties please feel free to contact me for any questions and details...
  13. M

    Teak and Sandalwood Plantation

    I have 10 acres of agriculture land and i want to plant teak and sandalwood will it be profitable ?Help me out in buying and selling of plants in hyderabad
  14. V

    Want to know the suitalbe land for Teak, White sandlewood and Malabar neem

    Planning to purchase 2 acre land in one of the venture with below options: 100 Mango trees 60 Tissue cluture teak plants 60 White sandal 90 Australian Teak or Malabar Neem Here are my questions: - Is it fine if we go with these many combinations - Which type of soil is suitable (Red...
  15. P

    Forestry trees seeds for Sale

    The following Forestry Trees seeds are available with us. Dalbergia Latifolia, Rosewood ( 1 Kg ) - Seeds - 2900.00 rs Melia Dubia ( 1 Kg ) - Seeds - 1400.00 rs Sandal Wood Red, Chandan Red ( 1 Kg ) - Seeds - 3000.00 rs Sandal Wood White, Chandan White ( 1 Kg ) - Seeds - 3250.00 rs Teakwood...
  16. G

    Teak tree

    I have 15 teak wood tree I want to sale r u buyer plz call me it is in kushalnagar kodagu district
  17. A

    tissue culture teak

    Hello All, I have a tissue culture lab in Pune, Maharashtra. I need starter cultures (bottles) of teak. If anyone can avail teak cultures with receipt, any documentation of mother plant selection, if possible virus indexing I am very much willing to purchase. We are in ornamental landscaping...
  18. S

    Teak Plantation

    Hi Everybody, I am OCI card holder, living in Switzerland for more than a decade now. I am interested in buying land for teak plantation but my understanding after reading some blogs is that OCI card holders are not legally allow to buy any farmland! Is that true, if yes, is there any...
  19. M

    Oil palm, teak & coco plantation - 25 acres for sale