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Adya brahmaNe dvitiiya paraarthe shri svetavaraaha kalpe vaivasvata manvantare kaliyuge prathame paade jambudvipe Bhartha Varshe, Bharatha Khande mero dhakshine parcheve

We all would have heard this Sloka/ Sankalpam. This sloka is recited before the start of any vedic ritual. But has anyone thought about the meaning of this Sloka? This in nothing but a Sankalpam or Intention.

Now, let us have a look at this Sankalpam: It goes on like this:

Dviteeya parardhe Means In the second half of Brahma's life
Svetavaraha Kalpe Means In the Kalpa of Sveta Varaha
Vaivaswatha Manvantare Means In the reign of Vaivaswatha Manu
Ashta Vimsati me Means within the 28th cycle
Kali Yuge Means In the Kali yuga
Prathame Paade Means In the first quarter thereof
Jambu Dvipe Means Island of Jambu
Baharatha Varshe Bharatha Khande Mero Dakshine Parcheve means In the geographical part to the south of the Meru Mountain in the land of Bharata

This sloka is

At present we are having a calendar which is around 2000 years. We are writing 2010 as the year. The western Countries accept that Vedas should be around 5000 years old. The world is 4.5 Billion Years old. Is there any proof for that, they will only answer it is an assumption. There is no evidence for that. Tomorrow a new westerner finds that World is 10 Billion Years old means immediately the world will accept. Because no one knows what is correct.

Then, is there any way how to find this. The Answer is yes. In the above sloka we are following a calendar and this shows how much old we are.

We all accept Lord Brahma as the creator of the world. His birth is the birth of world and with his ceasing, the whole world will cease. Now what is the age of Brahma??

The full age of Brahmas is 100 Years. As per the above sloka we are in 51st year and 1st day of Brahma.

Adya Brahmanae means in the second half of Brahma’s life, i.e. In the 51st year of present Brahma, on the first day in his 51st year, the 28th time the Kaliyuga is coming and in that first part, out of the seven part of the world in the part of jambudvipe, from the land of Bharathe varshe, bharathe continent, from the southern side of Meru mountain. This is what the meaning of the sloka.

There are 360 days in Brahmas one year. One day of that year 4,32,00,000 years. One Night is also 4,32,00,000 years. On the end of one day all the living beings end their life and on the next day again the creation starts.

One day of Brahma is divided into 14 Parts. Each one is called one Manvantara. Each Manvantare is coming under one god father. Each god father has a name. At present we are under the god father of vaivasvata who is the 7th god father.

Each Maha Yugas consists of

17,28,000 years of Krita Yuga
12,96,000 years of Treta yuga.
8,64,000 years of Dwapara yuga.
4,32,000 years of Kali yuga.

Totally 43,20,000 Human Years equals one Maha yuga.

Each Manvantara has 71 Maha yugas. Four Yuga equals to one Maha yugas.

There are totally 14 Manvantare.

So 14 Manvantare x 71 Maha Yugas = 994 Maha Yugas. Preceding the first and following each Manvantara period is a juncture (sandhya) the length of a Satya-yuga (1,728,000 years). Typically, each Manvantara period ends with a partial devastation. According to Puranic accounts, we are now in the twenty-eighth Yuga cycle of the seventh manvantara period of the present day of Brahma.

Six extra Maha yugas or Juncture Period is for closing one Manvantare and starting another Manvantare.

So, 1000 Maha Yugas equals to one day of Brahma.

Hence One Day of Brahma is 1000 Maha Yugas which is 43,20,000 X 1000 = 4.32 Billion Human Years.

According to Puranic accounts, we are now in the twenty-eighth Yuga cycle of the seventh manvantara period of the present day of Brahma. We can therefore safely conclude that 6 Manvantaras have passed and 28th Yuga Cycle is running. Thereby, we are in the 454th Yuga Cycle. Therefore, we have already elapsed 1.957 Billion Human Years till now.

Interestingly enough, the oldest undisputed organisms recognized by paleontologists - algae fossils like those from the Gunflint formation in Canada - are just about that old

Altogether, 453 Yuga cycles have elapsed since this day of Brahma began. Each yuga cycle involves a progression from a golden age of peace and spiritual progress to a final age of violence and spiritual degradation."

Now we will arrive the total age of the Brahma in our Calculation and also the present age of Brahma.

100 Years of Brahma’s = 36000 Days and Nights.

One day = 4.32 Billion Human Years
One Night = 4.32 Billion Human Years

So 36000 X 4.32 Billion Human Years X 2 = 311.04 Trillion Human Years

Therefore, the total age of Lord Brahma is 311.04 Trillion Human Years and at present, as per the Puranic Counts, his age is 51st Year and 1st Day. This roughly works out to be 155.53 Trillion Human Years.

Does this mean that the earth and the solar system is 155.53 Trillion Human Years or the age of the Universe is 155.53 Trillion Human Years. Modern science has just started to acquire knowledge. Modern science has just reached the fringes of our solar systems but beyond the same, it is just the guess work that is going on without much of understanding and knowledge.

Universe is infinite – This was told in the Vedas. This is recognized now by Modern Science. Imagine, we are just a part of an infinite system called the Universe. We are like a dot in the universe. Have you ever imagined or thought about the beginning or the end of Universe. Does the universe has a beginning or an end? Modern science will never be able to answer the same because there are certain things beyond our imagination and modern science does not recognize the same beyond our imagination without valid proof.

There was a period when Astrology was bashed about by so called “Scientists”. They said that it lacked proof. Just because they cannot understand the same and present it in a predictable manner, it was criticized. To those people who criticized the subject – Does Modern Science believes in GOD or unless the same is proved with photographs and formulae, this will be proved?

All these calculations are not just for calculation sake. We, as Hindus, have to understand that our forefathers and saints were no less. They went to the extent of calculating the origin of life on earth and have even said that during the night of Brahma, there is total destruction. Not only during the night of Lord Brahma, but also during the change from one Manvantara to another manvantara, there is partial destruction.

Unless we trust ourself, we will not be able to achieve or realize the greatness of our scientific thought. “Self trust is the first secret of success”. So, let us dig through the vast resources of scientific data and books our forefathers have written and left for us. They have not written these books without any reason or rhyme. They have thoroughly examined each and every aspect and experimented them before noting and writing them.

We should stop criticising their works as mere mythology. I appeal to all the people in scientific community to come forward, read those books and see how the same can be applied. We have the best brains to do the job. Right people should make use of the vast resources of knowledge before the same vanishes without trace.

We started off to calculate the age of our planet and I feel that our scriptures hold the secrets of the same. We should respect them and delve into the same more deeply to find the answer. Hope some one from the scientific community is listening and hope the same turns him on to research on our scriptures and the wealth of scientific knowledge it contains.

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