Timber Forest Clearance - 250 Acres



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Hi All,

This post is in reference to a available opportunity for Timber Extraction in State of Andhra Pradesh.

The total area of matured timber plants is about 250 acres.
The market value as per Govt. enumeration is 100 acres.
Total number of plants, about 50,000.

The plant varieties include

1) Yegisa (sal)
2) Maddi (Alternate to Teak)
3) Tangedu
4) Nesudi
5) Mmmidi (Mango)
6) Panasa (JackFruit)
7) Bndaru (Alternate to Teak)
8) Chiruman
9) Yerra Karra (Rose Wood)
10) Konda Tangedu

Besides the above, there are other mentioned species also available.

Interested parties can contact me on the below telephone number.

Thanks and regards

Syed Qasimuddin

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