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    Question Suggestions for Crops like Malabar Neem, Silver Oak, Teak, Sandalwood

    Dear Members, Im looking for your valuable feedback & inputs on crops like Malabar Neem & SilverOak or any other similar crop where the crop needs less maintenance & gives decent profits after certain years of cultivation. Please also mention the type of soil, water & time period required...
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    For Sale TEAK TREES AVAILABLE FOR SALE at Sundarpur, Distt. Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh

    50 numbers of fully mature Teak Trees out of total 160 trees available for sale at Sundarpur, Distt. Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Age of trees = 30 years. Please contact
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    Teak Plantation

    Hi Everybody, I am OCI card holder, living in Switzerland for more than a decade now. I am interested in buying land for teak plantation but my understanding after reading some blogs is that OCI card holders are not legally allow to buy any farmland! Is that true, if yes, is there any...
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    More than 100 acres of Virgin forest land 4R 1.5 lakhs per acre

    Dear all, I have more than 500 acres of Virgin forest land broken into lots of 100, 230, 180 and 500 acres, Cost per acre 1.5 lakhs !!! It is a private land with thick forest . River passes through all pieces of land, so no water problem! Approval for tree cutting obtained from...
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    Timber Concession in Peru

    FOR SALE OR TRANSFERRED TIMBER CONCESSION (HARDWOOD) Province: Tambopata Departament: Madre de Dios Wide timber concession of 7,932 hectares, located in Tambopata, madre de Dios, Capital of the biodiversity in Perú) along to the River Las Piedras with contract with the Peruvian Estate until...
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    teak wood and rosewood available

    Hi all, We are the bulk suppliers of rosewood and teak wood within Karnataka.if in need please contact us.
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    "Silver Oak for sale"

    700000 cu ft silver oak for sale @ Karnataka. Awesome profits assured. Joint investor also welcome. Contact Prasanth
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    Timber Forest Clearance - 250 Acres

    Hi All, This post is in reference to a available opportunity for Timber Extraction in State of Andhra Pradesh. The total area of matured timber plants is about 250 acres. The market value as per Govt. enumeration is 100 acres. Total number of plants, about 50,000. The plant varieties include...