Test Certificate for Panchagavya for Sale Rs.80/- per litre


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PH 4.10
Electrical Conductivity 2.12 ums
Moisture 87.39%
Nitrogen 0.33%
Phosphorous 0.05%
Potassium 0.05%
Calcium 0.04%
Magnesium 0.09%
Sulfur 1.3mg/kg
Sodium 0.01%
Zinc 1.3mg/kg
Manganese 6.4mg/kg
Iron 65.1mg/kg
Copper 0.5mg/kg
Carbon Nitrogen Ratio C : N 5.24%
Total Fungi Count Less than 10 cfu/ml
Total Bacterial Count 285 x 10(5) cfu/ml
Lactobacillus Count 285x 10(4) cfu/ml

Escherichia Coli – Absent
Staphylococcus Aureus – Absent
Salmonella sp. – Absent
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa - Absent
Listeria moncytogenes - Absent

Organic Fertilizer and Pesticides Panchagavya
Dear Sir

We are Producing Panchagavya an Organic Fertilizer and Pesticide. The greatness of Panchagavya can be found in most of our Indian Books.

Traditional Paddy Experiences of Mr.Kannan, Thiruvarur - YouTube

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The usage of Panchagavya in Agriculture is recommended by Tamil Nadu Agriculture University. They have given the detailed recommendation regarding the usage of Panchagavya for different crops and plants. The process time for producing this is around 52 days.

We are producing Panchagavya using only Indian Breed of Cows. Our Breeds are Kangrej, Vechur and Ombalacheri. We are using the sale proceeds towards the development of Ghosala and it is not as a business we are doing this. The purchase also helps us in running a Ghosala. Panchagavya produced by Indian Breeds are giving better results compared to Panchagavya produced by using Non Indian Breeds of Cow.

The cost of Panchagavya (Concentrated) per litre will be Rs.80/-. The ratio recommended by the Agriculture University of Tamil Nadu is 3:100. Three litres can be mixed with 100 litres of Water and used in Agriculture Farms. The cost works out to 30% only when compared to using Chemical Fertilizers. The yield also increases by using this and the selling rate of the products for Organic Produces are high in the Market when compared to Non Organic Produces.

V Sudhindranath, Advocate Bangalore.
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