Teak Wood Plantation


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I am interested to Agriculture, but end up computers job...
Now i am thinking of doing investment in agriculture with my Father help.
I have been reading about the Teak Plantation ( Tissue Culture , steam/root etc ...) and thought of get more details from this this forum.
we are living in Salem district, Tamil Nadu.
Here are my problems.
1. we don't have a land, we have to look for it ( Near by Salem - Jarugumalai, Mangalapuram, etc ). Now what are the facts we need to look while selecting the land and on those which are very must. ( PH ? , ...)
Any suggestions for place will be helpful but we are interested with in Salem (Attur, Rsipuram circle )
2. where I can get guidance and assistance to maintain the farm.
3. How much it will cost to plant the trees and maintain it. And Total cost to to a marketable Tree.
4. How many Trees can be Planted in a acre to get a maximum profit.
5. what are all the risk factors involved in this Teak forming ?
6. How much % of profit can be achievable on an average ( and in best case ) ?
7. Minimum how much land i should have to start this project to minimize the risk ?

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Hi schokkal,

Why only Teak farming? Its a question to ask yourselves. Anyway, please visit TNAU website for understanding the basics.

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Join live meetings with buyers, sellers, and experts!