Starting Dairy farm in Mysore (Karnataka) Need your advice and tips


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I am MBA Graduate and starting cow farm near mysore on june 2015.
Please give me some tips.

I don't have land and no experience in this field.
I'm confuse whether to buy land or lease it. Please advice me.

* I need information about land layout, building layout, technology, cows, milking, lactation, laborers, fat %, degree.

* I'm able to invest upto Rs.25 lakhs.

* Planning for cow yield of 20lts /day 1st lactation may be with calf

* How many cattles to start with?

* from where to get laborers?

* How about buying land in some village?

* what about the subsidiary from govt

* Technology management system implementation cost

* will Technology identify the heat of the cow

* How to store the sperms of cow and where to get it from

* what will be cost of construction the shed with technology and without technology

* I'm think whether to have bio-gas plant if there is any power problem

* do i need to buy tractor or rent if

* which type of grass to grow

* how to prepare concentrated folder in farm itself

* how to identify the age of cow

* whats the price per cow yield 15-20 lts & 20lts+

*Average age of cow and till what age it can be milked

* where to buy cow from



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did you try this?have you started the dairy.
I am cuious to know as I am in the process of setup