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    Wanted 100 Acre Agriculture Land

    Looking for 100 Plus Acre Agriculture Land with good water source at 4-5 lakhs in Kolegala, Chamrajnagar and Surrounding areas.
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    Small Land for Sale Off NH 212 (Narasipura Road), Mysuru.

    * Area : 2 Acre 20 Gunte * Price : 8,50,000 / Acre * Soil : Red & Fertile * Just 700 mts from Narasipura Road * 19 km from Ring Road
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    Developed Farm for Sale near Mysuru

    Developed Farm for Sale near Mysuru * Area : 4.16 Acres * The Farm has Coconut, Sapota, Mango, Amla, Teak & Silver Oak. * Two Farm houses * Fully fenced * Has Borewell & Electricity * Soil : Red & Fertile * Just 18 km from Ring road * Located in Nanjanagudu Taluk, Chikkayyana Chatra...
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    45 Acre Fertile Land for Sale, 6 Lac/Acre near Sugar Factory

    Fertile Land for Sale near Sugar Factory, Mysuru. * Off Narasipura-Kollegala Road * Area : 45 Acre * Price : 6 Lac/Acre * Ground Water Table is very rich, @ 60 to 80 ft water is available. * Soil : Black & highly Fertile * Electricity : 3 Phase (Free) * Borewell * Here everybody...
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    Starting Dairy farm in Mysore (Karnataka) Need your advice and tips

    Hi I am MBA Graduate and starting cow farm near mysore on june 2015. Please give me some tips. I don't have land and no experience in this field. I'm confuse whether to buy land or lease it. Please advice me. * I need information about land layout, building layout, technology, cows...
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    A Tiny farmland under 1 acre is for sale near Mysooru.

    A small agricultural land attached to Tar road is for sale. City buses ply infront of the land. At present cotton is grown. Soil : Red & Fertile Key Distance Mysooru ring road – 16 km Nearest Village – 1 km Nearest Residential Layout – 6.3 km Total Extent : 30 guntas (32670...
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    1 acre 26 gunta Farm Land for sale near Mysooru

    A tiny agriculture land is for sale with following trees : Coconut – 4 Mango – 6 Jack Fruit – 1 Tamarind – 1 Neem – 2 At present cotton & paddy is grown. Soil : Red & fertile Irrigation channel water is available for 30 guntas. Key Distance Mysore ring road – 16 km Nearest...
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    A small agricultural plot, attached to Tar road, is for sale near Mysooru

    A corner fertile farm land with brick red soil is for sale in Mysooru District. The main entrance is attached to Tar road & it is a bus route also. Another side it is attached to a mud road. City buses ply infront of the land. The land has 3 Tamarind trees. At present Cotton & Red gram is...
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    2 acres 11 guntas farm land for sale near Mysooru

    A farm land with all infrastructure is for sale near Mysooru. Coconut saplings is planted at present. Borewell : 3.5 '' water available (water started @ 40 ft & digging done till 150 ft depth) Underground pipeline network done for entire land. Farm house : 15x10 Electricity : 3...
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    Exotic river basin land - 3.11 acres - near Mysooru for sale.

    A farm land surrounded by greenery, river and scenic beauty is for sale near Mysooru. The initial part of the land is not a wet land & they are growing cow pea there. The remaining part of the land up to the river bank is a wet land & paddy is grown there. After paddy, they grow Sugarcane in...
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    A small & cute river-basin land for sale near Mysooru

    A lush green farm land attached to Kapila river is for sale near Mysooru. This fertile land is surrounded by water , river in the front & irrigation channel at the back. At present paddy is grown. Key Distance Mysooru ring road – 18.2 km Mysooru (0 km) – 24 km Nearest Tar road – 1.5 km...
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    Cheap and fertile land for sale near Mysooru. 4 Lac/acre

    A cheap land attached to Tar road is for sale near Mysooru. Soil : Red & fertile Key Distance Mysooru ring road – 35 km Mysooru (0 km) – 40 km SH 33 (Hommaragalli) – 11 km Buses ply near to the land. Total extent : 30 acres Price : 4 Lac / acre At present cotton is grown...
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    Kapila River basin Fertile land for sale off SH 57 near Mysooru

    A small & cute river basin land for sale. About 450 ft of one side of the land completely touches the river. Near the river bank a thick a growth of trees covers the area. It gives an effect of mini forest. The river flows so silently, it makes you to meditate. Basically this land is...
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    Oil Palm & Coconut farm for sale near Mysooru

    A farm land for sale off T.Narasipura Road (NH212) with abundant water. It has 28 coconut trees, Borewell – 2 Nos. Oil Palm – 230 Nos. Electricity – 3 Phase (free) Irrigation Channel Water - July to Dec (free) Around this plan, the ground water table is rich. If you dig just 10 feet...
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    4 Lac / acre with Solar fencing, Electricity & borewell near Mysooru

    A fertile land with all basic infrastructure is available for a cheap price. Geographically the land is located between two huge lakes , i.e., Doddakere & Maddur kere in East & West. And in the north it is surrounded by Malleshwarana Betta. And in South by River Kapila (all of them at a...
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    3.08 acre coconut farm for sale beside a lake in Mysooru

    A farm land with 65 coconut trees and few Teak trees, beside a lake is for sale in Mysooru Taluk. Bore well : 2 nos Electricity : 3 Phase (free) About 1 acre land is an open area , earlier where vegetables were grown. Key Distance: Mysore – 17 km Ring road – 10 km Airport – 10 km...
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    A small land with abundant water is for sale, near Mysooru.

    A small land with lot of water facility is for sale in Nanjanagudu Taluk, near Mysore. An irrigation channel runs beside the land. About 450 feet of one side of the land completely touches the channel. The land has pumpset and electricity. It is just 165 mts off main road. City buses ply...
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    10 acres cheap & fertile land for sale, near Mysooru in Karnataka

    A farm land being cultivated effectively near Hullahalli in Mysooru district is for sale. The land is flat, fertile and cheap. Right now cotton, Toor dal, Castor & Horse gram is grown. It has one teak and few neem trees. Key Distance : Mysooru ring road – 28 km Mysooru...
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    A beautiful land around a scenic lake near Mysooru, is for sale.

    A farm land beside a huge lake , near Mysooru is for sale. The lake is spread out in 150 acres. The ambiance is green and serene. The view of vast expanse of water is breath taking. Lot of migratory birds visit the lake, as abundant fishes are there. Total extent : 8...
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    2.11 acres Kavery back waters land for sale near Mysooru

    This land is located on the back waters of Krishna Raja Sagara (KRS) dam built on River Kavery. Apart from 2.11 acres another 2.20 acres is available as kharab (free), which is attached to the river. It has roads on two sides, so it is a corner plot. The nearest Railway station is at...