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Hi friendzz, I am from karnal , haryana. i want to know about safed musli crop in detail. i want to know from where to get seeds , what is its proper way of seeing , its cost, which things i required, how much its cost n wht is its profit, where can i sell my crop, who is its buyer, i mean where is its market (mandi). is it profitable crop. any help center near Karnal(HARYANA). i need a guide, who can help me during its farming.

Is there any other comercial crop who has low risk n more profit.


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As Musli grows naturally in most parts of India, as per practical experience it can grow successfully in the wide range of temperature and rainfall. Sandy loam soil with proper drainage system facilitates its growth.
KRD Musli FarmThe preaparation of Land

The Land is to be required to be prepared in the month of April - May.

* Proper Soil treatment including Deep Ploughing, Tillering is must to give land a better Pulverization and Dryness in the month of March and April.
* At least five trollys of Cow dung manure per Acre should be mixed in the month of April or May.
* Raised beds should be prepared (as per planning of plantation) in the end of Month May.
* The Raised bed distance should be 24 inches and height should be 10-12 inches.
* All the raised Beds should be well irrigated before sowing the planting Material. Raised bed help in growing of tubers of Musli and to facilitate the proper drainage.
* The distance of beds could be increased to 3.5 feets, but it requires irrigation by drip irrigation systems only.


* Two weedsof the crop are required to free it from the weeds which should be controlled manually by labours.
* Any kind of deficiency should be immediately traced and the required element should be supplied.
* Some few especial techniques practiced have to be observed either by training or by frequently visiting.
* The first three months from the sowing date are very important and the field needs most care.

KRD Musli Farm IndoreMaturing of the Crop

* In the month of October - November the leaves of Musli starts yellowing.
* Subsequently they become dry and fall off and get detached from the tuber/disc.

Harvesting of the Crop

After Maturity stage of the crop means that the crop cycle is complete, hence its tuner should be dug out as per practical experience.

* Digging: This means digging the bunch of safed musli from ground. This process involves around 60-70 men per day to dig one acre land. The complete process should be seen by the labour so as to enable him to get the complete yield safely.
* Drying: Part of the yield dogged out is peeled and then dried to almost 20%. This dried musli is then sent to the market. There should be a clear understanding of this process.

On an average this crop gives a yield of 25 quintals of wet musli per acre. After peeling and drying up nearly 20 percent of dry musli is finally obtained.

KRD Musli Farm's Dr. Dingu is also included in production of seeds of Potato, Onion and Garlic since last 35 years, now he is producing quality planting material of Safed Musli. We also produce Safed Musli with other crops including Amla and Chiku etc. at the same piece of land to take more profit from the same land at a time. This process of cultivation is known as Inter-Cropping.


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Safed Musli

We provide total consultancy for Safed Musli including Planting Material to Marketing of the ready product i.e. Dry Musli, please contact directly to our mail ID.


Safed Musli

Dear sir
The time for Musli cultivation is over now,you can plan to grow it in the coming year.Previously there used to be incentive for musli cultivation & Govt subsidy was granted to farmers growing musli.Now that scheme is over.You can learn musli cultivation in our Medicinal Plants Research and Propagation society Lucknow in a course commencing with effect from 14 September 2011 at our exhibition park in Lucknow.Cultivation of Musli shall be taught to you during our practical training session.It is a crop to be grown with utmost care.You shall also come to know the market availability and persons who can purchase it.Pl contact us on private mail if deemed appropriate.We are NGO providing consultancy to interested persons/farmers.
With warm regards
rc dixit
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Kindly send photo of jivanti & safe musli.It appears u r referring to a 9lant other than jivanti.Indian Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Trust Lucknow.