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safed musli market

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    sale for Good quility safed musli roots & seeds

    Dear Friends, Dried roots of Safed Musli contain 42% carbohydrate, 8–9% protein, 3–4% fiber and 2–17% saponin: saponin has the medicinal property of enhancing vitality and immunity in human beings. It also helps in correcting gynaecological disorders. There are many other therapeutic uses of...
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    Safed musali

    Safed Musali Plant:- We are leading ISO 9001 certified Organization is the sector of promotion of medicinal and aromatic plantation. We are leading technology provider for the cultivation of Safed Musli. Currently we are cultivating Safed Musli under contractual farming in whole the nation...
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    Neem Oil For Sale

    We Hahnemann Charitable Mission Society (HCMS), Jaipur (Raj) India, are ISO 9001:2001 Certified organization founded on 1996 and with the goal of social development and environment conservation by emphasising on medicinal & aromatic crop cultivation, horticulture animal husbandry & dairy...
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    Safed Musli Crop

    Hi friendzz, I am from karnal , haryana. i want to know about safed musli crop in detail. i want to know from where to get seeds , what is its proper way of seeing , its cost, which things i required, how much its cost n wht is its profit, where can i sell my crop, who is its buyer, i mean where...