Organic Fertilizers, Pesticides, Vegetable Seeds and Manure


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Dear Sir

We can supply the following items.

Organic Seeds, 22 items.

Organic Fertilizers Panchagavya

Organic Pesticides prepared from Desi Cow Urine.

Organic Manure Vermi Compost prepared from Cow Dung.

Please contact

V Sudhindranath, Advocate Bangalore.
Mobile +91 99450 66699
LTA Trading Private Limited
No. 18/7, "Chitrakoot", Kumaracot Layout,
High Grounds,
Bangalore 560 001.
please visit

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Vermi compost is harmfull

Vermi compost avialable in the market is actually not prepared from earthworms but a worm called Eisenia Foetida. Several species of foreign worms, including this Eisenia Foetida accumulate in their bodies, highly toxic heavy metals such as Lead (Pb), Arsenic (As) and Cadmium (Cd), which are transferred into their castings.
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