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“Fish Amino Nutrients” Liquid Plant Growth Promoter Naturally Processed – Yield Booster. Manufactures - Dhanush Agro Farms

Fish Amino Acid is not prepared waste fish as prepared conventionally by farmers.

At Dhanush Agro Farms - “Fish Amino Nutrients” Is Processed form Whole fish, Spirulina , Banana , Potato, Turmeric, Curd, Seaweed extract Naturally available Ingredients , which make it a best available productive product and contains Amino acids, Minerals , Vitamins, and Enzymes required for Healthy Plant Growth. Increases crop yield by gives 30%-40%.

The product composition is tested for its contents Amino Acid and minerals from Indian Institute Of Crop Processing Technology ( Govt of India enterprise ) Thanjavur.

For “Fish Amino Nutrients” – Yield Booster sample . Email your Address & Mobile No.

Results of “Fish Amino Nutrients” Used

Agriculture Pesticides and Amino Acids Liquid Manufacturer | Dhanush Agro Farms, Tiruchirappalli

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Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)