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We are producing Organic Fertilizer and Pesticides which is produced purely out of Desi Cow Products. With this Fertilizers and Pesticides the entire requirement for agriculture can be taken care. Our Breeds are Kangrej, Vechur and Ombalacheri. We are using the sale proceeds towards the development of Ghosala and it is not as a business we are doing this. The purchase also helps us in running a Ghosala. Fertilizers and Pesticides produced by Indian Breeds are giving better results compared to Fertilizers and Pesticides produced by using Non Indian Breeds of Cow.

The Product will be directly delivered to your address by courier. Please contact.


V Sudhindranath, Advocate Bangalore
Mobile +91 99450 66699
LTA Trading Private Limited
No. 18/7, Chitrakoot, Kumaracot Layout,
High Grounds,
Bangalore 560 001.
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