Now Give Jeevamrut Directly Through Drip Irrigation


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Cow dung and Gomutra are well know fertilizers used by our ancestors for ages. The results of this fertilizer need no proof. Jeevamrut uses the goodness of these two items and enriches the yield of the crops and the soil it is planted in.

Jeevamrut given to the crops consistently increases the yield manifolds.

However, the problem with this is how do you feed your entire crop spread in acres of farm land. The labor, cost and the time taken for this is humongous. Various experiments were tried to give Jeevamrut using barrels and mugs, pipes and mud pumps and many more. All these methods are simply not feasible because of the huge costs and labour required for each of this.
Imagine having to irrigate a farm land of 25 acres by deploying labour ... it will take days for one single round and an additional cost of all the labour (provided that the labour is available very easily).

Hence, with the current methods of providing Jeevamrut to the crops, it isn't practical.

This was the need for our invention. We invented a product which helps to filter Jeevamrut, Beejamrut and Dashparni and many other organic things to a crystal clear form of liquid manure which can be eventually given using Drip Irrigation without a single choke up.

This innovation has won the Nabard Award for Rural Innovation 2012 and has been applied for Patent.

More information is available on our website Jeevamrut | Slurry Filter Tank for irrigating with Jeevamrut
You may also call us on +91 9405019020 for more details.

Following is the image of Pruthviraj Filter

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