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We, Hahnemann Charitable Mission Society, are a Jaipur based ISO 9001:2000 Certified non government organization. Established in the year 1996, it has been effectively working in the field of agriculture sector.

Since 1998, we have been providing consultancy to domestic & international market for medicinal, Horticulture & Jatropha seeds, animal feed supplements with cost effective solutions, which ultimately enhance livelihood of agricultural rural people & growers. Our comprehensive Consultancy services varies from a single grower to co-operatives and corporate to government /research universities and institutions to rural, tribal & urban communities. All of them have specific needs, goals and objectives.

For Medicinal & Horticultural Plants
HCMS mission is to provide comprehensive consultancy services, training to Indian farmers with specific emphasis on improving productivity & increasing farm incomes by introducing them with latest technologies like drip and sprinkler irrigation system, water soluble fertilizers, water sprinkler systems and Green house system for cultivation of horticulture & Medicinal plants.
HCMS conducted numbers of awareness, seminars, trainings, campaigns, workshop & education programs for medicinal & aromatic farming.

Society also promotes the export of horticulture & medicinal produce, for which there is potential global market.

Various products supplied by the organization:

1. Medicinal Products that we supply:
• Jatropha curcas seeds/seedlings/crude oil
• Aloe Vera Seedlings/seeds/juice/gel
• Stevia Ribaudiana Plants/ dry leaves/powder/stevioside
• Esabgol seeds
• Pongamia seeds/crude oil/seedlings/cake
• Heena (Mehndi)
• Safed Musli plants/roots/sticks/powder
• Guggal Plants/powder/gum/sticks
• Tulsi plant/extract/oil//dry leaves/powder/seeds
• Ashwagandha Seeds/roots/powder
• Neem plants/seeds/oil/neem cake powder/neem cake
• Conch Seeds
• Aonla Plants/Products/powder
• Vermi Composed
• Organic Products
2.Horticulture products that we supply:
Cumin,Sauf,Methi,Dhaniya,Mehendi leaves,Garlic,Chilli
4.Aromatic plants & Products
• Palmarosa,Pacholi,Khas,zeranium,Lemon Grass,Japani Pudina,Marigold


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sandalwood seedlings

Dear sir,
We require sandalwood seedlings (medicinal plant) Please, let me know the availability, rate & height of the same.