Looking for Manufacturers/Bulk Suppliers /Wholesaler for any Agro products


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Dear Members,

We are Exporter from Bangalore.we like to add new products to our list.we need manufacturers,bulk suppliers or Wholesale dealers.

List of Products

Areca plates
vermin compost
bio fertilizers
coconut and its by products
Peanuts Bold, Java - roasted,raw,blanched
coir products
palm products
other product manufacturers also welcome to share there product details.


Must be a manufacturer or bulk supplier(most cases we wont accept trading company)
Ability to supply products on time.

Please let us know about your minimum order quantity and maximum supply capability per month
Provide list of products you dealt with.

Traders please note:We expect fair price.avoid quoting high prices and time delays.
People from Karnataka most preferred.

looking for long term Business relationship.

Please send the required details to my email: outpace.int@gmail.com

Outpace /Vetrix Team