Land Required Looking for land in Odisha


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Hi community! Looking for 15/20 acres in Odisha at Rs.1 lac/acre. Proximity to Bhubaneswar preferred. Barren land ok. Intention is to regenerate the land and create a permaculture farm.


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Hello sir,
I don't think you will find land cheaper than 4-7 lackhs unless you go to extreme remote villages in odisha. I have been in search for similar land for a while but i have't found anything usefull yet. for your price it is better to lease out a land from the govt. to do it. I am told that one can find excessive amount of land along andhra border for less then 1 lac acre but that is all. I am situated in berhampur. around my 40-50 km proximity there is nothing available bellow 3 lakhs per acre. If you find lands at such rate please inform me. I wold love to aquire 300-400 acres at that rate if possible.

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