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    Land Required Looking for land in Odisha

    Hi community! Looking for 15/20 acres in Odisha at Rs.1 lac/acre. Proximity to Bhubaneswar preferred. Barren land ok. Intention is to regenerate the land and create a permaculture farm.
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    Land Required Looking for Wasteland

    Hi All, I'm looking for barren/wasteland (non cultivable) to the extend of 10-30 Acres. Preferred states are Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu or Karnataka. Please contact me if you have such a land available for sale or know someone who has such a land. Best Regards,
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    Question Agroforestry

    I have few questions regarding taking up agroforestry due to new to agriculture. 1 ) what is minimum size of land preferable to takeup agroforestry concept? 2) what are the plants/saplings that helps in long term (20years and above) wealth creation in wild conditions (less manpower utilization)...
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    Urgent looking for a permaculture specialist

    Hi mate, We are looking for a permaculture specialist. Candidate must have great knowledge on swale , hugokulture an pond to restore rain water. Candidate must have knowledge on polyculture orchard farming. Must highest level of knowledge and experience on cover crop, nitrogen fixer plants on...
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    Wanted: Agri land near villupuram,tn

    Hello members, I am a permaculture farmer on the look out to set up a sustainable permaculture farm in and around Villupuram. I am looking for agricultural land or waste land with clear titles that I can develop into a biodiverse farm. I want to purchase anywhere between 2-10 acres of land at a...
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    Consultant : Natural Farming / Permaculture

    Welcome to Prakruti We help reconnect people, land and nature. Together we create landscapes that nourish the senses, soul, body and pocket. Prakruti specialises in helping you to design and create your own vibrant, thriving, highly productive natural ecosystem and edible landscape...